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How to Be a Spiritual Witch 

How to Be a Spiritual Witch 

If you’ve been looking for guidance on how to be a spiritual witch, look no further. I have been practicing and working my way up to this place in my life for decades now, and I can say with certainty that I have learned from the best what to do, and I have learned from some of the worst what not to do. 

That’s how it goes, right? 

To be fair, not all women I consider spiritual witches would consider themselves spiritual witches. 

Indeed, I only identify as such because I have always been enamored of the supernatural and I love to call myself a witch. 

But a witch is just a word. 

You can call yourself whatever you like. 

I would argue that all truly empowered women are witches

But they don’t have to call themselves witches

It is, for me, a term of endearment and great respect. 

So let’s get down to business, shall we? 

What Is a Witch? 

A witch, to take the truly historical term, is a woman who stands in her own power, who works with the Universe to manifest, and who understands and is always learning from nature for the purposes of healing and making joyful progress through life

There is a condemnation against witches in the Bible that has always struck me as interesting. 

“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” 

There are actually several more occasions in the Christian Bible where God refuses to help someone or casts someone out because of their involvement with witches. 

And, in truth, many witches have burned for these passages. 

And many women who were not witches at all but merely women who could swim, or help deliver babies, or who attracted the male gaze. 


Come to find out that the literal translation of the original word in Aramaic from the original text is not witch at all but poisoner or practitioner of the dark arts. 

So they took this term, this broad term, “witch,” which could be applied to any woman, or man really, who had a gift the world did not understand, or who spoke too loudly, or who healed others, and then they applied these passages from the Bible as license of imprison, torture, or kill.

For millennia, women have been outcast and murdered for wearing the witch mantle, willingly or not.

And so, for those women, I call myself witch

Though my power lies in storytelling, in educating, and in healing with herbs and spices. 

I could just as easily call myself housewife, or mother, or even healer (though I really don’t like that last one).

I could even call myself an herbalist or a guru (another one I don’t like). 

But I call myself a witch for all the witches who were not allowed to simply be themselves and wield the loving power they were born with.

What Does It Mean to Be Spiritual? 

Now, here’s where the rubber meets the road. 

While the term witch can be bandied about and used and misused, spirituality is a much more clear and easily defined subject. 

Someone who is spiritual is deeply invested in the cleanliness and holiness of their own spirit. 

You don’t have to be religious. 

You can even be an atheist. 

To be spiritual means you know you are connected to all other life on earth, indeed to the earth itself. 

You feel a connection to something bigger than yourself, and that something could simply be the heartbeat of nature, or the heartbeat of humanity. 

And you feel obligated to serve, to stay in touch, to be with humanity and the other life on the planet.

You engage in humanity, in life, and you trust that you have been called to something greater than just yourself. 

Your purpose could be to serve in the military, to heal through medicine, to teach in a school, to write stories, or even to be a mother raising children to make a better world. 

You understand your contribution to this world, though individual, is mighty and has millions of ripple effects that cascade out into the world and beyond, into the Universe. 

You get that energy is everything, and that the energy you put out will come back a thousand times. 

As a result, you know that love is the single most powerful energy there is. 

As Abraham Hicks says, the power of love is one hundred times greater than the power of fear or hatred. 

One hundred times. 

The deep, intense, powerful knowledge of that reality is what makes you spiritual

And you can see someone who is truly spiritual from a mile away. 

How to Be a Spiritual Witch

It doesn’t take much to be a spiritual witch. Just your entire lifestyle. 

You think I’m kidding but I’m not. 

The good thing is that the change is incremental. 

When I first started practicing my spirituality, I went to the occasional talk in the city, read a couple of books, and listened to some podcasts. 

Today, years later, I find myself fully immersed in a world of power and magic every single day. 

Once you wake up to it, you cannot go back to sleep, and it really does become your whole life. 

Face Your Darkness

I got into a fight with my husband of 17 years today. 

He made me so frustrated that I looked for a good curse to hex him with. 

Okay, now I’m kidding. 

I don’t curse people. 

In truth, spiritual witches do not engage in cursing or generating negative energy at all. 

But we do have to face our own darkness. 

Whatever trauma you have suffered in your childhood or later life, you will have to confront. 

The longer you bury it, the more intensely dark it will get.

You will be triggered, you will hurt yourself or others, and you will not be able to even hear your calling, much less answer it. 

This, for many people, is the hardest step into witchy spirituality

You cannot practice powerful love magic if you are harboring hurt, anger, or fear. 

Meditation is a great opportunity to sit with yourself and begin to face your darkness. 

Just sit with it. 

Then, start to deal with it. 

You may need therapy to discuss your issues. You can turn to friends and family or even church for support as you make your way through healing from trauma. 

The key is to love yourself and forgive yourself as you work to love and forgive others. 

Aim for Self-Awareness in All Things

Detail of rear-view mirror in the interior of a rural van

Take responsibility for who you are and what you have done as well as what you do now. 

As humans in zombie mode, we tend to get defensive and either justify our actions or excuse them in some way. 

Instead, try just owning it. 

I did that. 

It was wrong. 

I will do better. 

If it is not loving, you will need to explore where it came from and learn to redirect those triggers in the future. 

You can practice this retraining of your subconscious with the help of experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton who have studied and worked in these fields extensively. 


The next step is to surrender. 

You will feel clenched up, closed off, and protected at first. 

You need to practice surrendering and then surrendering again and again. 

It is a softening, a settling in, an acceptance of this moment as perfect. 

You will learn to live in the now. 

You will learn to see that now is the only moment that is real and the only moment in which you have any power. 

Once you learn that, and once you have learned that love is the highest power, you are truly a spiritual witch. 

Aim High and Set Intentions

Now, you work with that power to aim high and set the best intentions for yourself. 

You can learn to understand your external purpose through daily meditation and prayer, through honing your intuitive gifts, and through paying attention to the guidance you receive throughout each day. 

Always aim high with your intentions, and if you listen to your intuition, you can never fail. 

After all, you are a child of the Universe, unkillable, undamageable, and infinite. 

You can never get it wrong, and you will never get it done. 

Clear Your Chakras Daily

A spiritual witch practices clearing her chakras and loving herself daily. 

Sit in meditation, quiet your mind, do a full body scan, and stand in your power every single morning, before you do anything else. 

In this way, you tell the Universe you are ready to serve, that you are here for your calling, that you understand your internal purpose is to remain awake to guidance, and that your external purpose is in the hands of Source Energy.

Now, you are in your full power, every day. 

When you slip, and you will slip, a lot, simple forgive yourself and line right back up with love. 

Happy manifesting!