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How to Charge Crystals for Healing

How to Charge Crystals for Healing

Wondering how to charge your crystals for healing?

Having your chakras all cleansed, aligned, and open is the beginning to making real magic happen in your life.  

To help facilitate this process, you can have corresponding crystals for each chakra. But, of course, crystals must be imbued with energy regularly.  

In the witchy spiritual world, we call this “charging” crystals.  

So, you’ll need to know the best way to charge chakra stones.  



The chakras are the energy centers of the body. Each location corresponds to universal energy and a different part of the human experience. 

To understand how to charge crystals for healing, it is helpful to understand your chakras.  

The chakras are based in an ancient Indian practice from around 1500 BC in the regions’ oldest text called the Vedas.  

But India is not alone in its practice of focusing on energy centers.  

China has its own Eastern medicine that focuses on Chi, or energy.  

In ancient Hebrew, the kabbalists from the middle east based those energies around what they called the sefirot.  

And in Western Christian religion, we have the sacraments.  

All of these different names speak to the energy we can harness inside of us, that can get blocked, and that can be incredibly powerful when managed well.  

It is important to remember that the chakras are merely focal points for us to bring our attention to a particular area we need to heal, or the necessity of aligning our energy within our bodies, minds, and spirits.  

It does not matter that we call them chakras, sefirot, sacraments, chi, or anything else. They are merely tools for understanding ourselves.  

The chakras are the easiest to follow, which is why they are so prominent in many spiritual practices across the globe. 

For a deeper understanding of the chakras, you can check out the “bible” on the subject, Wheels of Life, written by Anodea Judith.  

You can also check out my own simple introduction to chakras and health.  

But basically, this is how they work.  

7 Chakras exist within our bodies that run from the soles of our feet or the base of our spines, depending on if we are sitting or standing, to the crown of our heads.  

Root Chakra  

We begin at the root of our bodies, the parts of us that are virtually always connected in some way to the earth. The root chakra is the first chakra and the foundation of our physical health. It forms our connection to the earth we came from and our interconnection to our community and all of life on earth.  

Sacral Chakra 

From there, we enter the sacral chakra, the second chakra, which is the seat of our creativity and the divine feminine. Here is where we connect to other individuals, including and especially our intimate partners and the humans we bring into this world and nurture.  

Solar Plexus Chakra  

The solar plexus chakra, the third traveling up our body, is the place from which all of our feelings emanate. We respond to life from our “gut,” and there is a literally ganglia of interwoven nerves at this location, just below the rib cage and above the stomach, that extends outward in all direction like branches on a tree. It is a major part of our central nervous system, and it connects us to ourselves.  

Heart Chakra 

The heart chakra is the central chakra, right in the middle the fourth up the line. It is the seat of our unconditional love for ourselves and for others. Here is where we experience forgiveness, empathy, compassion, and romantic love. We block this chakra with fear and hatred of others.  

Throat Chakra 

The throat chakra, the fifth chakra, is located at the center of the throat and it is from here that we  must speak out and speak our truths. Truth, trust, integrity, and communication are all parts of the throat chakra.  

Third Eye Chakra 

The third eye chakra is located just above your brow, right in the center of your forehead, and it is the sixth and penultimate chakra. From here we see the truth, we gain insight, and we formulate wisdom in this world. At its best, our third eye chakra allows us to detach, remain neutral and loving, and to see things objectively.  

Crown Chakra 

The crown chakra, the seventh and final chakra, is located at the crown of the head, and it includes the pineal gland. This chakra allows our direct connection and communication to the divine. It is the seat of all of our divine intuition and divine love.  

When we clear our chakras, we must begin from the crown and work our way down. We do it in this order because we must open our crowns, our bodies and spirits, to the divine. We are, in essence, surrendering our will to that of the divine, relinquishing control.  

We clear out the crown chakra, move down into the third eye and the throat, and we pause. Those three chakras are head based above the heart, and deserve pause before moving into the heart.  

When we move into the heart, we picture our hearts clearing out and making space to unconditionally love all people, things, and experiences, and to release negative emotions from our hearts.  

Then we move into the lower three chakras, through the solar plexus, the sacral chakra, and finally to the root chakra, at which point we imagine a light traveling from the divine, into our crown, through all the chakras, and into the earth.  

From there, the light branches out underground in all directions, connecting us to all life on earth.  

Then we imagine the light coming back up through our roots and gradually making its way back up the chakras through our crowns and spraying out in all directions into space.  

We are one, we are cleared, we are aligned.  

It is best to practice this chakra clearing every single day, at the start of every day. Take about ten minutes to sit still and complete this meditative process before moving into deeper meditation.  

Crystals for Chakras 

To facilitate this chakra clearing, you can choose a powerful crystal that correspond to each chakra in front of you as you meditate. You can read more in depth on the stones that relate to each chakra, but for now, you can follow this basic outline.  

Root Chakra Stones: Garnet and Black Tourmaline 

Red Garnet (Pyrope)
Red Garnet (Pyrope)

Sacral Chakra Stones: Carnelian and Orange Calcite 


Solar Plexus Chakra Stones: Citrine Stone and Tiger’s Eye 

Red Tiger's Eye / Ox's Eye / Bull's Eye
Red Tiger’s Eye / Ox’s Eye / Bull’s Eye

Heart Chakra Stone: Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Throat Chakra Stones: Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Third Eye Chakra Stone: Amethyst and Azurite 

Amethyst Quartz

Crown Chakra: Clear Quartz and Lepidolite 

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Keep in mind that, as with all divination tools and object, practices and rituals, the chakra crystals are subject to your own interpretation and energy.  

How do you know if you should be using a garnet or a black obsidian for root chakra? Well, I can tell you that garnet works for regeneration and black obsidian works for grounding, but you have to feel that for yourself, too.  

These crystals mean nothing, they are merely rocks, if you do not hold them in your hands and imagine their energy flowing into you.  

So, when deciding which crystals to line up for chakra clearing, hold them in your hands for a few seconds each and make your choice from a place of peace and intuition.  

How to Charge Chakra Stones 

There are two simple ways to charge your chakra stones, and both are highly effective.  


You personally can charge your chakra stones with your own infinitely flowing energy. Hold a weekly practice where, once you feel fully cleared and aligned, you hold each stone in your hand and meditate over it.  

Imagine the energy flowing from the divine, down through your crown, and into the chakra you are working with. Then picture your own energy flowing out of that chakra and into your stone, filling it to bursting so that energy radiates from the crystal.  

Also allow all unwanted energy to be washed away by positive energy and healing energy.

Full Moon  

The second way to charge your chakras stones and clear out all negative energy is to sit them out under the full moon, which is an even more powerful way to set a new intention and charge healing crystals than under the new moon.  

The light of a full moon exudes positive energy at an energetic level during a powerful time to channel natural vibrations.

To bring all elements into play, you can sit your crystals first directly on the earth under direct sunlight for earth and fire energy, then place them in a clear glass bowl and fill it with water for water and flow energy, and then leave them out in the open air under the full moon for air and regeneration energy.  

On the morning after the full moon, your chakra stones will be fully charged, all negative energies released, and crystal healing is ready to exude healing properties.  

Then, each time you sit in morning meditation to clear your chakras, thank your stones for supporting you in your practice, thank the universe for charging your stones, and thank yourself for sitting in meditation, loving yourself, and practicing strong self-care every day.  

It seems like a lot, I know. Understanding how to charge crystals for healing is an intense journey. But true magic is practiced, always, from a place of love, clarity, and openness, and a nice thorough daily meditation ritual is at the foundation of those three essentials.  

Trust me. You’ll get so used to it over time that you won’t be able to live without it.  

Happy manifesting!