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Cleansing Spell: The Path to Enlightenment 

Cleansing Spell: The Path to Enlightenment 

A cleansing spell is a beautiful way to begin on your path to enlightenment.  

It offers a wonderful way to get a fresh start and open yourself up to releasing all of your old fears, baggage, and programming.  

Regardless of your reasons for wanting a cleansing spell, this process is all encompassing and can truly start you on an entirely new journey into the Love and Light you came here to cocreate.  


Cleansing Spells 

Cleansing spells, by definition, call you to release all negativity you have carried with you in life up to this point.  

Note that a cleansing spell is not selective.  

You cannot attempt to release specific negative energy but hold on to some other negativity.  

Remember, the Universe does not speak in words. It speaks in energy.  

There is no energetic release that says, “I want to clean up all my anger around only this issue.”  

No energetic release that says, “I don’t want to be sad anymore about this issue.”  

Energy, rather, says “I want to feel good.” 

“I want to feel happy.”  

“I want to feel free.”  

You have to clean it all up.  

So buckle up.  


There’s a great part of Rebecca Campbell’s book Rise Sister Rise where she says that as you prepare to awaken, you call upon the Universe to show you your path, to show you how to step fully into the light, and she cautions, “watch out.”  


Watch out.  

When you cast a cleansing spell, you are opening yourself up to God, the Universe, Nature, call it what you will, to come in and clean all of your old, negative, dark energy up.  

In order to do that, you will need to confront what got you there in the first place.  

In order to step into the light, you will have to work on letting down all of the blocks you have put up that led to you living in the darkness.  

Otherwise, you will end up right back where you are, and that is not really a cleansing. It is a temporary sweep that will need to be performed again and again.  

In the real, human, tangible world of ego and fear, of despair and sadness, of victimhood and powerlessness, this temporary sweep can include anything from a weekend of Ben N Jerrys and sad movies to a night of drunkenness with your girlfriends followed by praying to the porcelain gods and lying hungover in the darkness for a day or two.  

And there is nothing wrong with that.  

You are, after all, human.  

Therefore, you must contend with some ego and fear, despair and sadness, victimhood and powerlessness.  

The difference between a temporary sweep and a real cleansing spell is that each time you fully cleanse, you level up.  

You prepare for the next challenge, and you are better able to navigate those challenges with ever growing wisdom and insight.  

And, fear not, you can do both.  

A sweep and a cleanse.  

But be sure to do your sweep first.  

It will not do to perform a cleanse and then get drunk and lie hungover for days.  

So, get your sweeping done, embrace your human sadness, fall into despair.  

Give yourself a few days to really feel your feelings.  

As the poet Rumi says, “if you desire healing, let yourself fall ill, let yourself fall ill.” 

You must allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling, so that you can find your way through it and into the light, into real healing.  

Full moon

You Are the Universe 

To write and cast an effective protection spell, it helps to understand what is happening when you cast.  

You need to know, to really believe with every ounce of your being, that you are the Universe having a human experience.  

Before you were born into this human body, you were a spirit, a spirit that has existed in some form or another since the beginning of time, and before that really.  

In the beginning, after all, there was only spirit.  

There was only a single consciousness that had to create even the concept of time.  

From that beginning, all of life and matter as we know it has been created. It has been created, as all creations are, from energy.  

Pure energy.  

All creations are energy first.  

All of matter is a thought first.  

You can think about this as something as basic as making cookies.  

You must think about making cookies before you actually make them.  

All of matter is a giant cookie jar.  

A consciousness had to think it into existence.  

And just like those cookies, the consciousness must focus, must desire, must speak those words into existence, and must exert will to bring creation into existence.  

Thus, the sun was created, the planets, their moons, and various lifeforms followed.  

Plants, animals, and finally, on the cutting edge of creation, humans.  

plant medicine

Humans are at the forefront of creation.  

We are the only creatures with a consciousness like that of the Universe.  

We are the only creatures who fear death.  

We are one of the only creatures on the planet that has its females living well beyond our ability to reproduce, the only ones with grandmothers aside from whales and dolphins.  

But, why?  

Why create humans?  

Why would an infinite, all powerful, all knowing, all seeing consciousness pour itself into a human body?  

Why would a spirit want to be a human?  

Well, think about it.  

To a spirit, what does chocolate taste like?  

What does a hug feel like?  

What does an orgasm feel like?  

Get it?  

We came here for the experience.  

And a large part of our joyous experiences comes from the contrasting experiences.  

We know healing because we know illness.  

We know light because we know darkness.  

We know joy because we know pain.  

We know companionship because we know loneliness.  

There is great value in the limitations of the human experience.  

And there is great joy in the contrast.  

It is up to us to live it all to the fullest.  

That is our primary purpose here on earth.  

The Universe’s primary goal is to expand.  

Each experience we have as humans contributes to that goal.  

We came here to create.  

And in order to create, we must be cleansed.  

When we are weighed down by our baggage, by our negativity, by our fears and pains and sadness, we stay stuck, stagnant, with low energy, and we are not fulfilling our purpose of creating.  

I mean, sure, we are creating, in some way, right?  

We are creating more darkness, more negativity, more sadness.  

And yes, the Universe and our spirits are benefiting from that experience by learning what there is to learn about human darkness and sadness.  

But it does not have to be that way.  

And, hey, anyone can be dark and sad, angry and upset.  

Why not shift it and be weird?  

Be… dare I say, happy.  

Write a Cleansing Spell 

book of spells

Once you have accepted your humanity, given yourself a few days to be human and sink into your sadness, feel your feelings, it is time to rise up and cleanse.  

To cast any spell, you need three things: words, ways, and will.  

The words are easy. You can write down on a piece of paper something like the following:  

“I release all darkness. 

I release all sadness. 

I surrender to the divine

I am surrounded by gladness. 

I am a joyful being. 

I am filled with love. 

The light shines within me. 

From around me and above.”  

You can write those words down, or any of your own.  

Be sure to write in the present tense. It is happening for you now as you write it.  

You are not preparing for it.  

You are doing it now.  

You are surrendering.  

The ways are a bit more complex.  

You must literally and figuratively cleanse yourself.  

Clean Your House 

The first thing to do after you have had your human experience, to transition into a spiritual experience, is to literally get your butt up and clean.  

Clean your whole house, top to bottom.  

I like to do this while I myself am still kind of grungy and yucky because it acts as a sort of building toward cleansing.  

You are sweating out your pain into your already messy body.  

Open your windows, even on the rainiest of days (especially on the rainiest of days). 

Put on music you love.  

Do your laundry.  

Bleach your shower and toilet.  

Mop your floor.  

Clean all of your countertops.  

Vacuum your carpets.  

Vacuum your furniture.  

Do it all.  

Clean Your Body 

Now, with a fully cleansed space, clean your body.  

Light candles, run a hot shower (you don’t want to bathe in your own filth), and step in.  

Scrub your body clean with a sugar or salt scrub, shave your legs if you shave, put on a clay mask, wash and condition your hair.  

The will then follows the words and the ways into ritual.  

Perform a Ritual 

Finally, light a fire outside if you can, take your piece of paper, put your bare feet on the earth, and speak your words into the night sky, preferable under a new moon.  

Then, place your paper in the fire, symbolizing your trust in the Universe to cleanse you.  

And watch out.  

Your life will now present you with myriad opportunities to walk in the light.  

Happy manifesting!