10 Crystals for Gemini: Divine Twin Power

Our zodiac signs describe our characteristics, our motivations, and, some believe, our futures.

Tiger’s Eye

The tiger’s eye is a potent gemstone for both ambition and grounding. This is especially important for the free-spirited Geminis, whose butterfly minds often distract them from their goals!


Known for its dazzling golden hues and sunny energy, topaz ignites the Gemini’s warmth and passion. It encourages both confidence and kindness, allowing Geminis to fully flex their friendship muscles.


In Ancient Greece, citrine was called the Bringer of Light. This crystal is therefore perfect for the Gemini, who historically provided sailors with the guiding light of St. Elmo’s fire.


Emerald has long been associated with magickal potential, powerful communication, and intelligence. So, it’s no surprise that it’s a key gemstone for the chatty, quick-witted Gemini!

Moss Agate

The traditional Gemini birthstone is agate, which comes in many gorgeous hues and chalcedony patterns. This crystal promotes self-esteem and good luck, especially among the fickle air signs.

Bonus Stone

Another blue-green crystal, aquamarine, is also a birthstone option for Geminis due to its similar properties.

Blue Apatite

Geminis benefit from clear throat, heart, and crown chakras. But let’s not forget the deep-blue Third Eye that connects them to their intuition.

White Sapphire

Sapphire is one of Gemini’s birthstones, but the white variety is more in tune with the sign’s airy nature. This dazzling crystal captures Gemini’s transient yet flowing energy.


The main birthstone for June-born Geminis, the lustrous pearl represents the ever-changing sea as well as the slow march toward eternity.

Black Tourmaline

As with agate, all forms of tourmaline are birthstones for Geminis. Green tourmaline nurtures the Gemini’s romantic streak and extraordinary passion.