Set Your  Intention

Set Your  Intention

How do you set your intentions to achieve your life goals? Is there a specific way you need to do it?

What are Intentions?

There are many different types of intentions, including body intentions and personal intentions. Your career goals are even a form of intention.

Setting Your Intentions

This is one of those mindfulness practices that will be present no matter what type of personal development or life purpose journey you’re on.

Before you set your intention, The one thing you need to ask yourself is...

“what matters  the most  to  ME?”

Make a list of your Intentions

– Is there something that truly matters to you above all else? – Is there something specific that you want to create in your life?

Are there things that you need to forgive before moving on? What makes you the happiest, and how do you feel when you are happy? Is there something that you are very proud of?

Want To Learn How To Manifest?

Want To Learn How To Manifest?

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self-reflect on the 


Take time to actually see the change happen as you go through it. Remember that intentions are important even as things start to go your way. Be humble.


Limiting beliefs

Address things that you may believe impossible but that you truly want. It's okay to wish for the really big stuff.

Practice Daily

Manifest your intentions consistently, this practice can be everything from journaling to meditating.

Let whatever power of the universe you trust in guide you towards the life path you long for. This is the hardest part, trusting the universe to give you what you already deserve.

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