Personal Development Work Always Comes First


If you do not know yourself intimately, closely, without blinders or blocks of shame, you cannot know anyone else.




The first and most important step in self-development is to detach. Detach from yourself, detach from outcomes, and definitely detach from others.


Observe Lovingly 


Loving observation means you can see clearly who people are, what their actions say about where they are in their human experience, and you can see this in yourself as well.


Shadow Work


Shadow work allows you to integrate the parts of you that have been traumatized and that have traumatized others.




Self-love is the key that unlocks everything you ever wanted in your life, and it opens your eyes so you can see it clearly, see the messages from the Universe, and follow the signals from your spirit guides.




When you are drawn to someone, when you feel tied to someone, when someone is related to you by both blood and emotion, they are likely a soulmate.


How to Tell if Someone Is Your Soulmate


Indeed, you want to be your best self, you strive to make progress on your goals, and you jump with excitement to move forward.  


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