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Tarot: Beginner’s Guide

The art of tarot is an ancient and often misunderstood practice.

Game turned into divination

Although the practice started as a game, in 18th century France, tarot cards became a tool of divination, perhaps because their centuries of use gave them a mystical element.

Tarot Cards Type

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana

22 major arcana cards reflect the driving forces and transformative events that shape our lives, as well as the universe at large.

Major Arcana


Comprising of 56 cards Four suits  Swords Wands/Staves) Coins/Disks) Cups.

Minor Acrana

Minor arcana cards signify the shades and tribulations of an individual’s experience.

Try for yourself!

Tarot can be a meditative exercise, a means of self-reflection, or simply a bit of mystical fun.

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