Monthly Horoscopes for March 2022 What does March have in store for each zodiac sign?  Read on to find out.

Aries this month is deeply intuitive and sensitive. At the same time, your energy is urging you to start something new, get up and go, and be on fire for your goals.

March is the month of friendship for Taurus. You’re feeling social and interested in making new friends.

Gemini jumps into March full of success and joy over having met professional goals. You’re on a roll of abundance in your career and work life, so keep it going.

Lots of change and new beginnings for Cancer this month. Watch for new opportunities, new relationships, friendships and romance alike.

Leo has lots of hard work on the horizon. You are in a place of death and rebirth. Recognize what to let go of, which bridges to burn, and what to walk away from.

This month is all about creativity for Virgo. Work from your sacral chakra to nurture yourself, love yourself, and practice intense self-care.

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Keep it simple, Libra. This month, bring it all back to basics and enjoy the small, simple pleasures in life.

Time is on your side this month, Scorpio. You will find many open spaces and time slots in which to explore your creative side and build new projects and personal joys.

Love is in the air for Sagittarius this month. In all of your relationships, give yourself into that love, open yourself up to love, both giving and receiving.

You want to learn, learn, learn this month, Capricorn. Your brain is abuzz with the need to strengthen your intellectual abilities.

It’s all about money, wealth, and financial progress this month for Aquarius. You are feeling passionate about your financial goals this month, and you’re starting off strong.

It all becomes clear for Pisces in your very own season. Focus on where your head is, and watch what you’re manifesting, because you are powerful.


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