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What Is a Love Spell in Witchcraft And Should You Do A Love Spell?

What Is a Love Spell in Witchcraft And Should You Do A Love Spell?

Just what exactly is a love spell in witchcraft?

He loves me he loves me not love spell

Spells are about elevating a thought and sending it your intention. It is this intention that transforms into energy to manifest your desires. Love spells are common because they have always been depicted in popular culture through the years.

This is why I can’t blame you if you think that love spells are for willing a person to develop romantic feelings for you overnight.

a little book in the shape of a heart for a love spell

A love spell can be a great tool for drawing intimate connections into your life, but it should never be about forcing someone to like you. There are some ethical considerations with casting a love spell and also a few rules to follow. If you want to be a responsible practitioner of witchcraft, read on to learn how to use love spells the right way.

What Is a Love Spell?

Before I dive deep into the subject, it is important to know what a love spell in witchcraft is. Without a clear understanding of its nature, casting them will only lead to complications — and it will be a lot harder to go back and do damage control or even undo the spell you’ve created.

a wax seal with the words love on it that you would use in a love spell

Love spells are rituals used to attract love. Witches often pick correspondences that best serve as a direct route toward manifesting their intention. These may be in the form of dolls, herbs, crystals, or moon cycles — whichever they are most drawn to.

A witch normally uses written text and says it out loud during spell casting. This strengthens the connection between the intention and the chosen correspondences, thus raising the energy needed to turn the thought into a reality.

a sign hanging from the mirror that says I fell in love here

There is a lot of skepticism about whether love spells actually work or not. Beginners often feel apprehensive about their potency, mainly because they’re coming from a place of fear.

little beads with hearts that spell out the word love

However, the most seasoned practitioners have complete faith in them because they know how to cast their love spells right — by casting them from a place of love. To draw love into your life, you must have it within you.

How Potent Are Love Spells?

I know this may sound a bit cliché, but love spells work only if you believe in them. They really do! Some may attribute this to the placebo effect, thinking that something is only effective because you expect it to be, but there’s great value in the power of thought. In the world of witchcraft, everything you manifest starts with a clear and pure thought.

a neon sign that says I have a crush on you

To ensure the potency of your love spell, you must learn how to practice being in the here and now. Stay in the present and be mindful of subtle shifts in your environment. Acknowledge any persistent thoughts and release them. You need to be in this state of awareness because you’ll be working with something so powerful.

Another thing that affects a love spell’s potency is being vague about your intentions. The key to spell casting is having specific intentions that you can visualize in your mind’s eye. When your thought is too general as “I want to meet someone new,” this sends unclear instructions to the Universe about what kind of person you want to draw into your life.

a neon sign that says love

You have to picture what you want and describe it in detail if you can. Of course, this has to work in full alignment with your soul purpose. Casting a love spell will create ripples that affect you and those around you. It’s best to be certain that this is what you truly want to happen.

Casting a Love Spell the Right Way

One common mistake of beginners is having unrealistic expectations when it comes to their love spells. You can’t simply cast a spell on your celebrity crush and expect them to suddenly find where you live and sweep you off your feet. You can’t just will that friend of yours to break up with their partner and start a relationship with you.

sparkler writing that says love

To get your love spell to work, you must already have a strong connection with the other person. It’s all about giving them the right “push” and using the energy that’s already there in the first place. I know you’re wondering why you should even bother using love spells if you can’t get that guy of your dreams to like you.

You have to remember that if the person you desire is not available in the physical realm, they are less than likely to be available in the spiritual realm. This means that your love spell won’t have anything to anchor itself to. Plus, there’s that caveat of willing someone to act against their free will. Trust me, those intentions can have ugly consequences.

Common Types of Love Spells

Spells are usually performed on a Friday, the day ruled by the goddess of love: Venus.

a big red heart painted on a blue barn door

Some witches also prefer to cast their love spells on a waxing moon phase, when the new moon shifts to a full moon — to symbolize growth. Below are some popular types of love spells that are easy to perform:

Honey Jar Spell

This love spell involves writing both the other person’s name and yours on a blank piece of paper three times, folding it, then placing it in a jar of honey. After that, say this out loud: “Just like this honey is sweet, that’s how [name of person] is to me.”

Pink Candle Spell

a pink candle melted in a cool way

This spell uses a pink candle because it symbolizes romantic love. Make sure to match it with your pure intentions when you light it every Friday night, visualizing you and the other person together, sharing love and happiness.

Poppet Spell

a red lock hanging from a bridge

A poppet is a doll that is used to represent someone in spell casting. Whatever you do to the poppet will affect that person it represents. You can attach an object to the poppet, one with a strong link to the person. Create a poppet for you and the other person and use a pink ribbon to tie them together as you imagine a bright and beautiful future together.

Release and Forget To See Results

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Now that you know what a love spell in witchcraft is, you have to remember one important thing. A love spell is only as good as your willingness to surrender to the immense power of the Universe. To see results, release your thoughts and forget about them. Don’t obsess over the outcome. This strong attachment will only hinder any positive outcome coming your way.