10 Best Crystals For Safe Pregnancy, Conception and Motherhood

Pregnancy is one of the most magical and mystical experiences on earth. Despite how much science we have devoted to the process, it remains a miracle and a mystery.

Trying to Conceive

If you’re trying to conceive, rest assured, you are not alone.

Practices and Crystals for Conception

Remember that the universe, God, spirit, source, however you want to name it, is infinitely wise, infinitely loving, and infinitely powerful.


With my first pregnancy, after being told that my husband and I were in perfect health, it took two years to get pregnant. I got into the best shape of my life, lost 50 pounds, and then the very first month, I got pregnant.


Not only can losing weight and getting healthy with exercise boost your chances of getting pregnant, they also increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.


Prayer is a hugely underrated practice when it comes to getting what you want. There’s a great quote I heard a while back: “prayer is asking and meditation is listening for the answer.”


Sitting to listen for the answer may be even more difficult than praying because you actually have to shut up for a second. I’m kidding. Kind of.

Have fun

Seriously. Just have fun with it. Let go. Surrender. Imagine your life is always working out for you.