10 Best Crystals For Safe Pregnancy, Conception and Motherhood

Pregnancy is one of the most magical and mystical experiences on earth. Despite how much science we have devoted to the process, it remains a miracle and a mystery.

The odds against you having ever been born are astounding. In order for all of your ancestors to have procreated effectively and survived long enough to continue to procreate, is a wonder.

Some people seem to be fertile Myrtles. Other women take longer to get pregnant.

Still other women need medical intervention. And of course, there are women who are never able to conceive despite years of effort and thousands of dollars in investment.

When it comes to energy, pregnancy seems to be one of the most obvious and consistent examples of the power of manifestation in the universe.

What practices should you put into place to get pregnant? Once you’re pregnant? And which crystals for pregnancy are best for both?

Read on. I’ve got you covered.

Trying to Conceive

If you’re trying to conceive, rest assured, you are not alone.

One thing that always helps me when I start to freak out about a health issue or when I feel alone in a health issue is to look at the statistics.

For most women, your chances of getting pregnant each month you try are 15% to 25%.

As you age, those percentages go down.

About 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Only 10 percent of women have real difficulty in trying to conceive.

The percentage of women who remain infertile and never become pregnant is even smaller than that.

It helps to know these numbers.

I once thought, after dealing with some health issues, that maybe I had a brain tumor.

Then I looked it up. Chances I have a spontaneous brain tumor.

Less than 1%.

Okay, I probably don’t have a brain tumor.

So, if you’ve been trying to conceive and you’ve struggled, first, of course, know that you are not alone. Second, know that the chances you will NEVER conceive are very low.

These things take time. They also take an energy shift.

Practices and Crystals for Conception

The first step to take when trying to conceive is to release the need to get pregnant. You have to get yourself into an energetic space where you know deep inside that you are a mother and where you accept that however and whenever the universe plans to bring your motherhood to fruition, you will surrender to it.

Remember that the universe, God, spirit, source, however you want to name it, is infinitely wise, infinitely loving, and infinitely powerful.

Mothers who were told they would never conceive have gone on to have multiple successful pregnancies.

How many times have you heard the story of the woman who gave up trying to get pregnant, adopted a baby, and got pregnant?

You must let go of the “need” to get pregnant right now. Trust that you are a mother. And surrender to the universe.

Here are some other practical steps you can take toward conception:

  • Diet

With my first pregnancy, after being told that my husband and I were in perfect health, it took two years to get pregnant. I got into the best shape of my life, lost 50 pounds, and then the very first month, I got pregnant.

This is a very common story. Being obese or overweight can significantly affect your chances of getting pregnant. Get your body ready to conceive with a healthy diet, good nutrition, and exercise.

  • Exercise

Not only can losing weight and getting healthy with exercise boost your chances of getting pregnant, they also increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Get your daily exercise in, even if it is just a 30-minute walk. The benefits are myriad, including everything from boosting endorphins to improving your cardiovascular health.

  • Prayer

Prayer is a hugely underrated practice when it comes to getting what you want. There’s a great quote I heard a while back: “prayer is asking and meditation is listening for the answer.”

It takes tremendous bravery to open yourself up and humble yourself enough to ask for help from the universe.

Start with a simple: “show me the way.” Then sit back and listen for the answer.

  • Meditation

Sitting to listen for the answer may be even more difficult than praying because you actually have to shut up for a second. I’m kidding. Kind of.

You need to practice sitting in silence, quieting your mind, and listening to the universe answer your prayers. You are always always being guided. Meditation allows you to see guidance.

  • Have fun

Seriously. Just have fun with it. Let go. Surrender. Imagine your life is always working out for you.

Because it is.

The baby will come. If you truly know you are meant to be a mother, you are a mother.

Sit back, relax, and have fun.

Crystals for Conception

Keep these crystals with you to remind yourself of just how powerful you are, and that conception is just around the corner.

Clear Quartz

Amplify your intentions for conception with this powerful clarifying crystal.

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz

The love crystal will help you wrap yourself in love and intimate passion as you prepare to get pregnant.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz


Soothe your anxiety over getting pregnant with this healing purple stone.

Amethyst Quartz


A great crystal for birth confidence, keep this one with you when you’re feeling self-doubt or worry. You are a mother. Don’t forget it.



My favorite stone for positivity, sunshine, and optimism, keep a citrine with you to remember how great your life already is and how great it will be when you’re pregnant.


Practices and Crystals for Pregnancy

Now, you’ve finally gotten pregnant, or surprise! You’re pregnant, and you’re worried about what to do now!

It is an exciting and scary time when you first get pregnant. It is filled with so many unknowns. You are a mother now, with a tiny life inside you that is flourishing rapidly and preparing to come into this world.

What to do to ensure you have the healthiest pregnancy possible?


Seriously. Chill out. Most pregnancies come to term just fine with no intervention. Women have been doing this on our own for millennia. Chances are you will be just fine.

Relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Get through your first trimester with saltine crackers and ice water if you’re nauseas, catch up on your favorite Netflix shows, and find new things to laugh about in life. You’re a mother now!

Diet and Exercise

Make sure you eat your greens, get plenty of protein, and move your body. You’re not eating for two grown people, but you are contributing to another human’s health and well-being. Your baby eats what you eat.

So eat well.

And move well for a strong pregnancy and a productive labor. All signs point to keeping up most exercises you were already engaged in before becoming pregnant. And if you were not exercising before, now is the time to implement daily walks with your little kidney bean.

Have Fun

Enjoy this pregnancy. It flies by in a flash, and you will not even remember it years from now.

Have fun with it. Take walks, join upbeat pregnancy communities, shop for little clothes and decorations for your baby’s room and crib.

Throw yourself into this transition period and make the most of it. There is so much to be thrilled about.

Stay Hydrated

Your hormones are going crazy, which can make it hard to “just enjoy it.” Staying hydrated can make a big difference in how your hormones fluctuate, as well as a healthy diet and exercise.

Water is life, and you are creating life. Drink your 8 glasses of water a day.

Take Your Vitamins

And to top it all off, take a prenatal vitamin to get your baby all the additional nutrients he or she might be missing from your diet. It certainly cannot hurt.

Crystals for Pregnancy

These stones are good to keep around you during pregnancy for a happy, healthy 9 months and beyond into motherhood, too.


You want to stay as energetic as possible during your pregnancy, and this stamina stone will help.


Rose Quartz

Keep a love stone with you for bonding with your baby.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz


This crystal is a good one to keep you on top of your diet, exercise, and nutrient absorption.



When you’re feeling stressed or worried, Angelite is calming and soothing, offering guidance from the universe.



Keep this stone with you toward the end of your third trimester for a productive labor and a healthy birth.


Keep in mind that crystals are a channel for your energy. Everything you will ever need in life, you already have inside of you. It is up to you to do the work, put your practices into place, and keep your crystals with you as reminders of just how powerful you are.

Happy manifesting!

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