444 is a favorite angel number because it is the one most aligned with a strong foundation in the law of attraction, the only law we can absolutely positively depend on. 

What Does 444 Mean?

Everything. Every single thing you see, touch, taste, feel, think is energy. And it all comes from the original loving, all powerful source.  

Everything is Energy 

Because whatever you focus on, whatever you are thinking about most, whatever you are driven by, basically defines you, you are always attracting what you are. 

Like attracts Like 

So get your energy straight. Focus your attention on who you want and who you want to be. 

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

The first thing to do when you notice 444 show up is to look into what you have been asking about. 

Angel Number 444 Meaning

If you’ve been wondering about your life path, if everything is going well if you should be implementing changes, and so on, 444 is saying you’re good!  

444 Meaning: Life

If you’ve been looking for romance, a deeper connection with your love, or a new flame or fling, 444 shows up to tell you to hang in there.  

444 Meaning: Love

If you’ve been putting in hard work in your profession and you’re feeling like you’re just not getting where you expected to, 444 shows up to tell you to keep it up.  

444 Meaning: Profession

If you’ve been deepening your spiritual practice, sitting in meditation, or looking for more connection with God, the 444 meaning says you’re right where you need to be.  

444 Meaning: Spirituality

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