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444 Meaning: Law of Attraction

The 444 Meaning.

Once you get into witchy spiritual stuff, it can be fun to explore all the avenues of divination out there. 

From tarot to crystals, runes to numerology, the zodiac to psychic readings.  

444 meaning

Angel numbers, in numerology, are particularly fun to watch for.  

444 is perhaps my favorite angel number because it is the one most aligned with a strong foundation in the law of attraction, the only law we can absolutely positively depend on.  

So what is the 444 meaning in the law of attraction?  

Let’s start at the beginning.  

💕 Law of Attraction 

Before you learn anything else, you must learn about the law of attraction.  

Not only must you learn about it, but you must also know it, through and through. You must embody it. You must embrace it.  


Without a clear sense of the law of attraction, everything else just feels like guesswork, mumbo jumbo, and child’s play.  

A true spiritual awakening encompasses all that the law of attraction teaches, which is basic, not complicated, and easy to begin embodying today.  

Easy to begin practicing, but you don’t practice the law of attraction. It just… is.  

It exists whether you believe in it or not. All you can do is choose to work with it or against it.  

Witches work with it.  

📝 The Basics of Law of Attraction  

As explained by the premier source of information on the law of attraction, Abraham Hicks lays it out as follows:  

God is love 

crystal quartz

“We don’t like to use the word “God” because humans have messed that word up so bad that it is nowhere close to what it means anymore.” Abraham responded once when asked why they say “Source Energy” and not “God.”  

What they mean when they say this is that God literally is Love. The two words are interchangeable.  

But if you read any religious text in its literal form, you will find wrathful, vengeful, jealous gods.  

It makes sense from a human perspective to create a god or gods who have these very human characteristics. We feel them, so why would a god not feel them?  

And nature is ruthless, so humans explain what happens in nature via a capricious or violent god.  

But the truth is that all of the negative feelings, thoughts, and actions come from humanity, in our limited capacity to comprehend the vastness of the universe.  

We create only from a place of love. And love is what created us.  

Nature is what it is, violent and vicious, deadly and terrifying. But it is also warm and healing, loving and nurturing.  

But above all else, it is neutral. Nature acts within natural cycles. It is not supreme intelligence. It is a creation of supreme intelligence on an evolutionary journey.  

When we can tap into the fact that God is love, that we are extensions of God, and that we, essentially, created ourselves when we were in our God state, we can understand everything else so much better.  

🧬 Humans came with intentions. 

In addition to being extensions of a source who essentially created ourselves, we also came into these limited human forms with a set of intentions.  

The universe is always expanding, ever outward, evolving, and growing.  

It does that through each experience it has through us.  

We know this when we are in our spirit form, at one with the universe, with God, and we come into this life for a new set of experiences. We say we want to try this or that, learn this or that, and hope to expand in this way.  

That set of intentions then determines when we are born, which parents we are born to, where we are born, our color of skin, biological sex, and so on.  

We also have soul contracts – connections to other humans on earth we have encountered over and over and with whom we have made agreements when we were all in the spirit world.  

I like to call these people our soul mates.  

4️⃣ 444 Meaning: Everything is energy 

Everything. Every single thing you see, touch, taste, feel, and think is energy. And it all comes from the original loving, all-powerful source.  

444 meaning

👍 Like attracts like 

Once you have those three basic principles down, you can accept the law of attraction – like attracts like.  

You were energy before you came into this body, and you are energy extended into human form now.  

Every thought you focus on becomes its own energy, and it transmits out to the universe. The universe responds in kind with equal or greater energy.  

You attract what you are and what you ask for 

Because whatever you focus on, whatever you are thinking about most, whatever you are driven by, basically defines you, you are always attracting what you are.  

If you are loving and kind, you attract loving kindness. If you are hateful and spiteful, you attract the same.  

And don’t get confused. Some people will argue that they are loving and kind, but they always attract hateful, spiteful people.  

This is energy.  

You are not loving and kind; you are vulnerable and exposed. You may be a people pleaser, needy, and codependent.  

So you are energetically asking for someone to abuse you, take advantage of you and depend on you. 

That’s the ugly part of the law of attraction that some people cannot accept.  

“You’re saying I asked for this??” You scream in frustration and outrage. 

Well, energetically, yes.  

You attract what you ask for.  

Remember, being loving and kind begins at home. You have to be loving and kind to yourself first, foremost, and always.  

the law of attraction

You would never let someone abuse your child or the person you love the most.  

You have to love yourself even more than that.  

Then you will attract what you are and what you are asking for.  

Set boundaries. Hold them. Expect only love and kindness. And that is what you will get.  

4️⃣ 444 Meaning: Energy flows where attention goes 

Now, if you’re sitting there angry at me for speaking the truth about the law of attraction, your anger is misplaced, and your energy is headed in the wrong direction.  

If this news upsets you, it is because it has triggered you.  

And that’s okay.  

Now it’s time to deal with your trigger.  

Recognize it for what it is, and let it go.  

You are not to blame for what happens to you, but you are responsible for your energy.  

In an infinitely wise and loving universe, there is no judgment and no blame.  

But the law of attraction is what it is, entirely neutral and never wavering. It never fails to deliver.  

So get your energy straight. Focus your attention on who you want and who you want to be.  

Energy flow where attention goes.  

👼 Angel Number 444 Meaning


In a universe that is intelligently designed and highly logical, numbers are powerful indicators of what is happening.  

Numerology is a great way to divine the intentions you set before you came into this human body and communications from the universe.  

You can discover your life path, your love path, your career path, and so much more, all by formulating an understanding of numerology.  

One fun thing to do with numerology is to pay attention to angel numbers, those are repeating numbers that show up in your life with messages from the universe.  

444 is one that shows up for people a lot, and it means you are on the right path.  

If you see 444 repeatedly, on clocks, bus stops, license plates, inside bookstores, everywhere, the universe is clearly communicating with you.  

And it is doing so because you are open to that communication.  

The first thing to do when you notice 444 show up is to look into what you have been asking about.  

🛟 Life 

If you’ve been wondering about your life path, if everything is going well if you should be implementing changes, and so on, 444 is saying you’re good!  

angel number meanings

You’re on the right path; just keep doing what you’re doing.  

❤️ Love 

If you’ve been looking for romance, a deeper connection with your love, or a new flame or fling, 444 shows up to tell you to hang in there.  

You don’t need to implement changes, look in new places, or lose hope.  

Your love life is right on track and headed in the right direction.  

👩‍🔬 Profession 

If you’ve been putting in hard work in your profession and you’re feeling like you’re just not getting where you expected to, 444 shows up to tell you to keep it up.  

Your hard work will pay off, and everything is on its way. The best thing you can do is believe.  

🔮 Spirituality 

If you’ve been deepening your spiritual practice, sitting in meditation, or looking for more connection with God, the 444 meaning says you’re right where you need to be.  

You’re on the right path.  

The walls will come down, and everything will come clear.  

Have faith.  

Happy manifesting! 

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