Angel numbers are a fancy term for sequences of numbers that repeatedly show up for a person.

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?


The natural number repeat occurrences will help guide your own inner wisdom to give you the answers you are looking for.

What are angel numbers?


The angel number 101 is one of those “wake up call” angel numbers. You will see this angel number when you need to pay attention to something.

What is the meaning behind 101?


When you see a zero repeating in your life, it is a message that your possibilities and potential are infinite.

Angel Number 0


1 Means you are starting something new, at the precipice of a journey, and it is time to move forward and start trusting yourself.

Angel Number 1


Number 2 is a reminder to pause and reflect. Move forward with intuition, not desperation.

Angel Number 2


Number 3 tells you to keep going, to trust yourself, and to stop holding back. Let it go, as Elsa says.

Angel Number 3


This number reminds you to check your foundation. Ensure you are not destroying what you love in the interest of pursuing something new.

Angel Number 4


The number 6 is all about balance. Be sure you are not single minded and forgetting what is important at the expense of something new and shiny.

Angel Number 6


8 can represent challenges or difficulties. These are very common this far along in a journey. You have come so far; now your stamina is being tested.

Angel Number 8


9 is a sign of compassion. You may be judging yourself or others rather harshly at this point in your life and journey. Let all that go.

Angel Number 9


The message becomes clear and then clearer when you see the same number repeating over and over. 

How Do You Read Angel Numbers?


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