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101+ Angel Numbers: What They Are and What They Mean

It has happened to us all, and many of us by now are familiar with it, though we might not know what to call it. “It’s 11:11, make a wish!” A friend will say when they look at the clock.

While there will always be people who say the numbers are coincidence or that believing there is meaning behind numbers is superstitious, it is another example of how the Law of Attraction works.

You will always find what you are looking for. Always. You have opened yourself up to communication with the universe and your guardian angels, and the universe is going to communicate with you in ways you are most likely to understand.

For a lot people, angel numbers are one of those ways of communicating with a very clear sign.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are a fancy term for sequences of numbers that repeatedly show up for a person. It seems numbers work well for communication with the universe because the human brain will register seeing the same numbers over and over.

You might see the number on a clock and then on a door and then on a license plate. The number sequence may appear on a receipt or on a calendar in a bookshop you visit.

There is no right way to interpret the special message from an angel number, but the natural number repeat occurrences will help guide your own inner wisdom to give you the answers you are looking for.

When you have a guide to angel numbers and a positive mindset, it is easier to pick up on the message you are receiving from the universal energies or spiritual being that has something to say to you.

The History of Angel Numbers

So where does this guide come from? Did someone just throw it into a book back in the heady hazy hippie days of the 1970s?


The spiritual significance of angel numbers in the material world actually derive from numerology, a practice of putting numbers to music, language, and mysticism that dates back to antiquity.

The ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Arabs, the Chinese, the Indians, and the Greeks all practiced some form of numerology.

And it makes sense when you think about it. Math is the only universal language in the history of the world. We have mechanical mechanisms within our very bodies that are mathematical, like internal clocks.

So if a nonhuman wants to communicate with a human, math seems like the most legitimate form of communication there is. It also offers solid proof of the communication.

You are actually seeing the numbers, as opposed to simply trying to interpret a dream, or a burning bush.

It’s Not All Numbers

Of course, it’s not all numbers. The universe can communicate in myriad ways, through animals, through symbols, through other people, and yes, through a burning bush. Remember, the universe is infinitely powerful. Sometimes it’s hard to realize we need some new beginnings and positive changes in our personal life.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, remember that good things come to those who pay attention and have a positive attitude.

The trick is for we limited humans and our limited capacity, or will, to expand our consciousness and communicate back.

Imagine a burning bush appearing at your bedside one night. You’d probably just seek psychiatric help and lock yourself away in a padded room. It’s a lot to take.

The burning bush appeared to Moses after weeks on end traveling through the desert and starving. Moses was a devout believer in his god, and he was prepared to receive the message in the ways in which he received it.

In this modern era, we are much less likely to be parting seas and turning water to wine or walking on water. We are much more grounded in what we think of as reality.

Thus, we must communicate in ways more amenable to the modern human – numbers, symbols, animals, even other people. The nice thing is, the more you open up, the more likely you are to receive more and more obvious messages.

Are There Actual Angels?

I mean, this isn’t something that you can know or not know, but the short answer is that no, there are not actual corporeal angels with wings flying above the clouds and sending us numbers in our clocks.

Angel Aura Rainbow Quartz

Again, we are most open to communicating with who and what our brains are best suited to accept as our messengers. Today, we call numerology communication angel numbers because of the prevalence of Christianity in the western world.

We want to believe in the angels from the Christian Bible, John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy because those narratives and that imagery is so deeply ingrained in our cultural psyche, so the universe communicates in ways we will accept.

It’s more like the spirit guides are there to guide your life situation. Directing you towards good news and stepping in as divine forces when you need their positive energies.

If we were convinced as a society that we were descended aliens and that aliens ruled our planets and lives, we would probably be calling them alien numbers.

What is the meaning behind 101?

The angel number 101 is one of those “wake up call” angel numbers. You will see this angel number when you need to pay attention to something.

It isn’t necessarily about your current relationship, but the meaning of the angel number 101 is more about whatever is the most important relationship or thing in your life that you are completely ignoring and you need to pay attention to in the near future.

It usually means you need to trust your gut, or as-is often the case for me, it means you need to pay attention to all the signs that are right in your face, and the most important thing is to stop tying to force the universe to bend to your will.

The 101 angel number sequence is often considered the most powerful angel number because the energy of the number makes you look to your inner self in lots of different ways.

Spoiler alert: You are never going to convince the universe to do that.

Law of Attraction and Angel Numbers

According to the universal Law of Attraction, we attract what we are, we see what we are ready to see. Thus, when you ask the universe a question, wittingly or otherwise, the answers will present themselves.

If you keep asking but not listening for the answers, the answers will present themselves in ever more obvious ways.

The universe is constantly communicating with us. It is always open, always available, and always waiting to guide us toward what we want and help us go down the right path for personal development.

It is us, we humans, who are shut down to the communication. This is one of the big parts of your spiritual awakening– to start being aware of the different meanings and the infinite potential you can have with a little hard work and an open mind.

So, if you start to notice angel numbers, a repeating pattern of numbers in your life appears to the point of you being unable to ignore it, you have clearly been asking a question or two. Even if you don’t realize it.

When you notice angel numbers appearing in your life, get curious. Ask yourself what you are seeking.

Because you found it.

What do different numbers mean in numerology?

Below is an extensive list of the angel numbers we see in our lives and what each one means. No, there are not actually 101+ literal angel numbers, but there are way more than 101+ possible incarnations of patterns and sequences among numbers.

Angel Numbers And Their Meaning

I will give you the most common ones that appear for people and their interpretations, and then some possible interpretations of other sequences.

Angel Number 0

The number zero represents infinity. When you see a zero repeating in your life, it is a message that your possibilities and potential are infinite. You are fully aligned and living at your most spiritual, and you can manifest anything you want with little effort right now.

Angel Number 1

The number 1 is a beginning. You are starting something new, you are at the precipice of a journey, and it is time to move forward and start trusting yourself.

Angel Number 2

The number 2 is a reminder to pause and reflect. You’ve jumped in with 1, now take a moment to reflect upon where you are in your journey. Move forward with intuition, not desperation.

Angel Number 3

Number 3 tells you to keep going, to trust yourself, and to stop holding back. Let it go, as Elsa says.

Angel Number 4

This number reminds you to check your foundation. Ensure you are not destroying what you love in the interest of pursuing something new. You are building, not abandoning.

Angel Number 5

5 is change. It makes sense because you are midway through a journey at this point in your life and it is time to adapt and shift.

Angel Number 6

The number 6 is all about balance. Be sure you are not single minded and forgetting what is important at the expense of something new and shiny.

Angel Number 7

7 is a rest number. You’ve come a long way. Have patience that you will keep going, and allow yourself time to breathe.

Angel Number 8

8 can represent challenges or difficulties. These are very common this far along in a journey. You have come so far; now your stamina is being tested. Which is why the 7 was so important. You must allow yourself the rest and the reflection that leads to the strengths to endure your hardships.

Angel Number 9

9 is a sign of compassion. You may be judging yourself or others rather harshly at this point in your life and journey. Let all that go. Work on kindness and compassion to keep moving forward.

Repeating Sequences

Repeating sequences of any number above (especially triple numbers), say 111, 1111, 555, 9999, are simply amplified versions of the single digit. For example, 0 is infinity and powerful intuition, multiple zeros are even more powerful, and you are receiving an even more important message to build on that message.

Combinations of Different Numbers

Combinations of numbers can be interpreted in the same way we interpret tarot. The first number is the guide for the rest of the numbers. They can also be read in sequence or chronologically.

If a 1 is at the beginning of a combination of another number, like a 12, or a 19, you amplify the number 1 in the message and then combine it with the meaning of the other number. So a 12 would mean to trust your intuition to pause and reflect.

A 19 would mean to trust your intuition to be compassionate.

Likewise, if a 2 is at the beginning of a sequence of numbers, the emphasis is on the pause and reflection, then apply the number that comes next. A 24, for example, would tell you to pause and reflect on the power of your foundation.

A note about combinations: it can, of course, be completely random that you see a single 24 or a single 95.

The message becomes clear and then clearer when you see the same number repeating over and over. Be careful not to become obsessed with numbers, constantly reading into every little thing. You also have to live your life!

That’s it! Numerology can be so much fun. Take your time, the first step is to play with it, ask the universe questions in the morning, and see what comes up for you throughout the day.

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