Even though the burning of sage is a common practice in today’s world, it is a practice as old as time and has passed through many generations and civilizations.

Burning Sage In The Bible

Sage burning, or smudging, is a touchy topic among Christians. It all stems from the fact that spirituality’s definition and meaning are extremely ambiguous.

What The Bible Says About Burning Sage.

Some Christians believe the practice is harmless, others consider it occult. Burning sage is neither promoted nor clearly prohibited. The Bible cites the burning of incense made from various herbs.

Even today, incense burning is widespread in the Roman Catholic Church and other eastern orthodox churches.

Do they burn sage in the Bible?

In Exodus, GOD instructs Moses to gather 11 herbs, for an incense offering, and Aaron is commanded to burn fragrant incense on the altar each morning.

The Bible Mentions "Incense Burning" Several Times

The Bible does allow the burning of incense, so there is evidence in the scriptures that burning sage is acceptable for Christians.

Is It Okay For Christians To Burn Sage In Their Homes?

Smudging is highly spiritual. It's hard to distinguish between rituals that are desirable to GOD and those that are sinful and so unsuitable for a Christian.

Can I burn sage if I am a Christian?

They've been burning incense for years and years, and just because they don't specifically mention sage doesn't mean you can't burn it. 

Do Christians Burn Sage?

The Bible does not include any formal prohibitions against the burning of sage. There is no indication in the Scriptures that you will go to hell if you do it.

Will I Go To Hell If I burn Sage?

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