Top 5 Crystals To Take On A Road Trip

Road trips are awesome, but things can go wrong. Let's use crystals to protect you from all that.

There are crystals for travel that can keep you safe and protect you on a road trip. Because happy travels are the best kind.

What crystals should you take with you when you travel?

These are the best five crystals you should take with you for protection while you road trip.

5 Crystals You Should Never Leave Home Without

Moonstone is hailed as the traveler’s companion. It’s your best friend when going on physical and soulful journeys.



As the “stone of transformation,” malachite’s usefulness during travel is when you’re exploring nature. With its rich, green color, malachite reflects nature’s healing properties.

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Because traveling can induce anxiety these days, carrying smoky quartz can dispel a ton of negative energy.

Smoky Quartz


Just as its name suggests, aquamarine is associated with water. In fact, it’s believed to be a kind of mermaid treasure that protects sailors.

This stone can boost your self-esteem and ward off negativity, helping you stay positive even if you’re traveling alone.

Yellow Jasper

Whether you’re on foot, on the road, in a plane, or at sea, these top five crystals for travel have got you covered.


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