One of the very first things you have to learn when you become a witch is how to cast protection spells on you, your house, and everything you do.

Protection Spells With Household Ingredients

you will mess with the energy so much that not only will your spells and other workings fail, but they could backfire on you.

I can’t say this enough: never do spellwork without protection.

A protection spell is as easy as imagining a white light encompassing you, your home, and everything you want to bathe in a beautiful warm light of protection.

How to cast a protection spell

A great way to cast protection on someone is to make a protection spell jar or satchel they can take with them.

How to cast a protection spell on someone

A Cleansed Jar Himalayan Salt Cinnamon Essential Oil Lavender Carnelian White Candle Rain Water A personal ingredient

To create an effective protection spell, you need:

Cleanse your jar. Add Himalayan salt and lavender. Add cinnamon oil and carnelian crystals. Add your personal ingredient. Fill with rain water. Seal with white wax.

While you are filling your jar, say this protection mantra out loud: “I am protected by a barrier from negative energy. Positive energy passes through to me.”

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While you are creating your protection jar you need to really think about the protection of the person or place you’re wanting the spell to provide protection for. Take your time.

Casting in a circle is really important because you can metaphysically encompass everything you want to protect.

Cast a Circle Of Protection

You should imagine a bubble, surrounding you, and bringing calm, and then imagine it surrounding your ingredients as well.


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