Many people consider it to be charged by lightning. Natural magic imbues “lightning water” with restorative powers.

5 Magical Uses For Rainwater

Because rain water is associated with cleansing, restoration, and nourishment, it is often used in spells.

Ritual Uses of Rain Water

Rain water is also cherished for its purity, which makes ideal for your basin of altar water. It may be used in blessings, anointments, and healing rituals.

Many people rely on rainwater to clean their magical tools and avoid contamination from mineral-heavy tap water or bottled water. 

Rainwater can be integrated into almost any practice.

Clear harmful energy from yourself or others, a space, or objects that carry negative vibes. The flow of the water will wash these effects away.

Cleanse a candle prior to any spell or ritual. Rain water is particularly cleansing because it's so pure.

Add it to your bath to promote wellness and restoration. A cleansing bath is a great way to celebrate a new moon ritual.

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Anoint yourself to clear your mind. Add essential oils to your mixture to bring in different energies.

Consume it during a ritual to achieve abundance and healing. (But follow safe practices for drinking rain water FIRST.)

Because the Moon’s pull on the Earth influences air pressure, rain is intricately linked to lunar cycles.

Collect Rain Around Moon Phases

The best spells are purifying ones. Cleansing, banishing, and protection spells can also be really effective.

Spells To Do In The Rain

To ensure that your rain water is as pure and powerful as possible, avoid collecting it from contaminated areas.

How to Collect Rain Water


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