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How to Use Rain Water For Awesome Spells And Super Cool Witchcraft

How to Use Rain Water For Awesome Spells And Super Cool Witchcraft

Many spells call for water, but tap water just doesn’t have the potency of rain water. The water that pours from the heavens is said to have magical properties. It has not been purified aka sterilized by your city’s water processing facility. Also, the simple act of capturing rainwater can be a ritual. 

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Read on to learn how to collect rain water and the best uses of rainwater in spellwork.

What Makes Rain Water Powerful?

Rain is the result of water vapor condensing in the air, then falling to earth. It is a crucial component of the water cycle, which means rain is the connective force between the elements of air and earth. This alone makes it a highly symbolic and potent ingredient in spellwork.

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Rainwater is also arguably purer than mineral water collected from springs and rivers. It’s a bit more acidic (softer) and higher in sodium than tap water. Plants love it because their soil’s pH drops, making it easier for them to absorb nutrients. Of course, anything that enriches our plant friends’ lives is excellent for magick.

Rain that falls during storms is even more powerful. Many people consider it to be charged by lightning. Scientifically speaking, that’s possible: lighting breaks apart atom bonds, disrupting the water molecules in the air. A storm is also a balancing act between earth and its sky, and that natural magic imbues “lightning water” with restorative powers.

Ritual Uses of Rain Water

Because rain water is associated with cleansing, restoration, and nourishment, it is often used in spells with these themes.

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If you wish to perform a banishing, clearing, or balancing ritual, rain water — especially lightning water — is an excellent choice. Some people use rain water to charge their crystals so they can better receive and transmit healing energy.

Rain water is also cherished for its purity, which makes ideal for your basin of altar water. It may be used in blessings, anointments, and healing rituals. Many people rely on rainwater to clean their magical tools and avoid contamination from mineral-heavy tap water or bottled water. 

As a ritual ingredient, rain water can be integrated into almost any practice:

  • Clear harmful energy from yourself or others, a space, or objects that carry negative vibes.
  • Cleanse a candle prior to a banishing ritual. 
  • Add it to your bath to promote wellness and restoration.
  • Anoint yourself to clear your mind.
  • Consume it during a ritual to achieve abundance and healing.
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Spells To Do In The Rain

Because the Moon’s pull on the Earth influences air pressure, rain is intricately linked to lunar cycles. A higher, waxing moon has a greater pull, reducing the likelihood of rain.

Thus, rain water expresses the power of a waning moon: a time to purge negative experiences and release experiences and people that do not serve you.

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It is ideal for purifying your life — literally washing away the clutter and instilling that introspective wonder we feel when it storms.

Types of Rain Water

Rain happens during electrical storms, wind storms, the passing of seasons, and the effects of the complex interactions among the earth, sky, and space.

Each type of rain water has its own incredible potency for your spellwork:

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  • Lightning water is associated with the fire element. It carries the scattered oxygen atoms and ferocious energy generated by the heat of lightning. In addition to purifying and breaking existing bonds, lightning water may be used for restoration and re-energizing spellwork. Use it quickly as lightning water’s potency is fleeting.
  • Wind storm rain reflects the air element. It represents momentum, release, and reflection. Use it in transformation rituals, banishing, and nourishment spells . Store it in a corked glass bottle to maintain that energy.
  • Plant-captured rain unites the Earth and Sky. It symbolizes the abundant life that water empowers. When you discover a fallen leaf filled with rain water, keep it for potent use in your spells involving gratitude, fulfillment, and healing. Store it in a ceramic container to maintain your connection to Earth. 

How to Collect Rain Water

To ensure that your rain water is as pure and powerful as possible, avoid collecting it from contaminated areas. Gutter drains, tarps, and puddles are rife with microbes, minerals, and chemicals that muddle your water’s potency.

Minimize dirt and pollutants from run-off. Instead, aim to collect rainwater directly from the sky with ritual vases, cisterns, or other vessels.

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Spiritual Uses of Rain Water

A sanctified, clean container placed with intention below an open sky is ideal. Try glass bottles that you can immediately cork, ceramic bowls that suit your ritual needs, or stone basins that you can fill and disburse into other vessels.

Remember to collect with intention. Focus on the desires you’d like to achieve with the water you collect. Ideally, your collection vessel may become part of your ritual.

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Envision your connection to the Earth and its abundant water. Rain water is the purest form you may incorporate into your practice.

Rain Water Recipes

The options for rainwater spellwork are limitless!

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You may use it as a cleansing agent, a purified source of water to nourish your altar or yourself during rituals, or as a potent ingredient in brews, anointments, and more. Here are some simple recipes to consider:

  • Blend rainwater with mint, orange peel, and cinnamon to achieve wealth and wellness.
  • Add a few drops of patchouli, lavender, or mugwort oil to protect yourself and your home.
  • Combine plant-captured rain with eucalyptus oil to promote healing.
  • Infuse with green or black tea leaves for energy, insight, and focus.
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In any of these recipes or spells, you may sprinkle the blend around the affected area and/or seal the container for use in a protective/cleansing barrier. 

Here’s What you Need To Know About Using Rain Water In Spells

Rain water is Mother Nature’s gift to us — a perpetual and divine source of nourishment, purification, and healing energy.

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Maintain clear and passionate intentions as you capture, store, and incorporate rainwater into your practice. It provides a potent yet gentle ingredient in your rituals, altar cultivation, and spellwork.

Water is the core element of life.

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By harnessing rain water’s power, you can cultivate a healthier, stronger life that brings you joy and fulfillment.