New Moon Rituals: Set Intentions, Manifest Your Dream Life, and Start Over

Spend your time during the new moon beginning. It's no time to think about an end.

There is a season for everything. A cycle for everything. Everything has its time. We are at our best when we work with seasons, cycles, and timing.

Blessing, praising, and working with the moon is not new to witches or even to humans. Indeed, for thousands of years, humans have centered rituals around the moon.

The Energy of the Moon

Each year, we get 12 new moons. As the moon rotates around the earth, we get to see it or not based on its position and its relational position to the sun.

The Cycle of the Moon

Remember that the new moon is the dark phase of the month. It is a time to be still, to reflect on the month behind you, to practice intense self-care.

New Moon Rituals to Start this Month

Set a reasonable intention or two that you plan to work toward as the moon shows her face more and more.

Set Intentions

It’s a time of darkness, and depending on where you live, the night can get super black. Honor that darkness by lighting candles all over your house.

Light Candles

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If you’ve been “meaning” to start that new hobby, take on that new creative task, or refresh some part of your life, now is the time to dedicate some quiet time alone to doing that.

Begin Something New

New moon is planning phase. If you have a list of things to do this month, write it down. Create a checklist, use those intentions you set above to get those things done.

Make a List

Alone time is critical for everyone all the time, but it is no more pressing than during the new moon. Take time to reflect on who you are.

Spend Time Alone

Stop talking. Even when you’re with people, just sit and listen. I’m not telling you to speak no words at all, but really use this time to be still and observe.

Try a Silence Fast

Look into the dark parts of yourself, the parts you keep locked away hoping no one will see and get comfortable with them.

Do Your Shadow Work


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