Want to know what's happening with your love life? These are the best love spreads for tarot. 

The Very Best Tarot Love Spreads

To make tarot reading work for you, you have to start with a clear mind. Often, people rely on tarot cards when they’re feeling distressed or heartbroken.

How To Prepare for a Tarot Love Reading

You must be open to all kinds of advice — even if it hurts to hear some of them.

How To Make a Tarot Card Love Reading Work for You

If you’re new to the tarot, these basic spreads are a perfect way to practice finding the answers that you need about your love life:

Tarot Love Spreads for Beginners

Pull three cards from the deck face down, then place one on the left (card number one), one on the right (card number two), and one in the middle (card number three).

Three Card Tarot Love Spread

Cards one and two represent you and your love interest. The middle card shows your relationship dynamic.

3 Card Tarot Love Spread

This 5 card tarot spread looks exactly like a cross with three cards in the middle, one on top, the other in the center, and another at the bottom.

Cross Tarot Love Spread

Shuffle the deck and pull five cards face down while thinking about your romantic situation.

Cross Tarot Love Spread

How To Lay Down The Love Cross Tarot Spread: First card: Left Second card: Right Third card: Top Fourth card: Middle Fifth card: Bottom

The first and second cards examine your roles in the relationship. The third card evaluates your past; the fourth one examines the present, and the fifth one assesses your future. 

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