How To Do a Tarot Card Reading for Love: Tarot Love Spreads

Tarot cards are a powerful tool rich in symbolic meaning that can help you gain great insight into your love life. It’s a gateway to a deeper questioning of your inner desires. It allows you to evaluate your feelings about someone, navigate the dating world, and improve your existing relationships.

tarot love spread

Questions relating to love are the most popular ones asked during a tarot reading. Let’s face it, almost everyone lives and breathes for love. It’s only natural to feel motivated about pursuing connections with others.

The drawings on the card can be confusing or even scary at times, especially without the right knowledge of how they work. That’s why I’m here to tell you how to do a tarot card reading for love to maintain your relationship or help you find someone who’s right for you.

🔮 How To Prepare for a Tarot Love Reading

First, I want to clarify that to make tarot reading work for you, you have to start with a clear mind. Often, people rely on tarot cards when they’re feeling distressed or heartbroken. This is because they want immediate answers.

While the tarot does provide answers to the most difficult questions, it can also muddle up your thoughts even more when you’re coming from a place of confusion or have an unhealthy attachment to the person. To read the answers correctly, you must be prepared to accept whatever the cards show you without resistance or fear.

Before your tarot card reading, take the time to breathe and meditate. Remember, you’re looking for answers. You may not always like what the cards tell you, but they’re supposed to steer you in the right direction to improve the way love shows up in your life.

💪 How To Make a Tarot Card Love Reading Work for You

I’ve seen others grow nervous during a love reading — particularly right before pulling the cards. You don’t have to be, though. Just know that you may be responding in fear because of certain expectations.

One downside to having expectations about what the cards will tell is that this can likely affect your reading. I consider it a “you see what you want to see” effect, which prevents you from getting the genuine advice that you need.

To make a tarot card love reading work for you, you must be open to all kinds of advice — even if it hurts to hear some of them. The truth can be painful sometimes, but that is exactly what makes us resilient about our pursuit of love.

❤️ Tarot Love Spreads for Beginners

If you’re new to the tarot, these basic spreads are a perfect way to practice finding the answers that you need about your love life:

3️⃣ Three-Card Spread

Hold the tarot deck in your hands and think of your current relationship situation. Shuffle the cards while forming a question in your mind. Pull three cards from the deck face down, then place one on the left (card number one), one on the right (card number two), and one in the middle (card number three).

love 3 card tarot spread

Cards one and two represent you and your love interest, respectively. The middle card shows your relationship dynamic. This straightforward reading reveals both your roles in the relationship and how they intertwine to create a fruitful partnership. This is a quick way of taking a peek into whether the relationship seems to be working well for the two of you.

✝️ Cross Spread

This 5 card tarot spread is similar to the three-card spread, only with more insight into the relationship dynamic. It looks exactly like a cross with three cards in the middle: one on top, the other in the center, and another at the bottom.

cross love tarot spread

Shuffle the deck and pull five cards face down while thinking about your romantic situation. Position the following cards accordingly:

  • First card: Left
  • Second card: Right
  • Third card: Top
  • Fourth card: Middle
  • Fifth card: Bottom

Slowly, turn each of the cards faceup. The first and second cards examine your roles in the relationship (you and the other, respectively). The third card evaluates your past; the fourth one examines the present, and the fifth one assesses your future. This is a multi-faceted reading because it sees the relationship from different angles, time-wise.

👩‍❤️‍👨 Compatibility Spread

The compatibility spread examines whether you’re the right fit for someone. This 7 card tarot spread is helpful during the dating phase when you’re still getting to know the person. Just be careful not to become dependent on this type of reading, or you’ll end up missing out on all those beautiful, messy, and exciting dating experiences.

Sometimes, the fun with dating is in not knowing whether the one you’re with is the right person for you. Although, you can use a little help from the cards sometimes to nudge you in the right direction.

Shuffle the deck, think of the person, and pull seven cards face down. Place three cards vertically in the middle, with two on the right and two on the left. Here are their respective positions:

Compatibility Spread
  • First card: Top left
  • Second card: Top right
  • Third card: Bottom left
  • Fourth card: Bottom right
  • Fifth card: Top middle
  • Sixth card: Center
  • Seventh card: Bottom middle

Cards one and two show what you both want in the relationship (you and your romantic interest, respectively). Card number three reveals your differences, while card number four points to your similarities. Card number five explores your emotional compatibility; card number six represents your physical compatibility, and card number seven shows your mental compatibility. Try your best to look at the overall reading from an objective standpoint with an integrated approach.

💕 Improve Your Love Life With the Tarot

One practical piece of advice I can give about how to do a tarot card reading for love is to never draw more cards for yourself than you should. Trust that the first reading is in perfect alignment with what you need at the moment, and not always exactly with what you want.

Also, remember that you’re not a victim of fate. The reading only provides you an insight into your relationship or dating life, but it’s still up to you how you want to live your life.

For more tips on how to improve your practice, subscribe to my channel and learn about helpful tools on how to gain better insight into your spiritual path!

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