When To Manifest

Can you really put your dream job, new house, and other good news on a vision board and get it all?

The belief that anything is possible can sound cliché, but whether you admit it or not, I believe there’s still a lot of truth in it.

Manifesting is a concept that’s often associated with the law of attraction: when I think it, it will happen.

What Is Manifesting?

You have to manifest when you are ready and willing to accept what the universe believes already belongs to you.

When Is The Best Time To Manifest?

Manifesting is similar to driving. I can’t reach my destination if I don’t have one in the first place. I’ll end up going around in circles.

Manifest When You’ve Come up With a Specific Goal

Aside from knowing what your goals are, you also have to know yourself deeply to be able to successfully manifest your desires.

Manifest When You Have Self-Awareness

Before you start taking the steps to fulfill what you want to manifest, do a house cleansing first to combat negative energies.

Manifest After a Cleanse

Want To Learn How To Manifest?

Want To Learn How To Manifest?

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You can ask yourself the following questions that can clarify your heart’s desire...

How Do You Know What You Want?

What kind of person am I looking for in a potential mate? (You can even list specific traits you hope they have.)

Can I find this person in any of the social circles I’m moving in, or do I have to go out of my comfort zone? 

Do I want someone who I can share my interests with, or am I going to be okay with someone who doesn’t share all my hobbies? 

Once you truly understand what you desire, you can manifest anything. The hard part is figuring out exactly what you want!