Several stones and crystals can help strengthen and heal our spirits and minds.

Best Crystals For Strength

A spiritually powerful crystal, serpentine draws in positive energy while repelling negative energy.


It's great for inner strength because it lends us empowering energy and acts as a kick-starter for personal growth.

Leopardskin Jasper

Often called the Stone of Courage, it can help us feel stable and vital. Allowing us to join our spiritual and physical selves helps us persevere and find emotional strength

Tiger’s Eye

It empowers us to believe in ourselves with uplifting, energizing vibes. It is perfect for invoking courage, willpower, or drive.


 It can move difficult situations toward a positive outcome and supports self-discipline, creativity, and achieving your goals- making it great for abundance and removing negativity.


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Courage and vitality that connect to our primal life-force energy are all in the bloodstone’s wheelhouse. It helps us stick to healthy habits and let go of our fears.


You can use selenite instead of sage to clear energy and purify other stones. It works just the same, clearing you and your space of any stagnant or unwanted energy.


Its profound healing energy can help with encouraging healthy, balanced relationships with everyone around you and yourself.

Rose Quartz


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