Who doesn’t dream of true love? At the very least, daydream about meeting and attracting the man of their dreams and then, of course, living happily ever after! 

How To Manifest A Boyfriend

Dreaming and daydreaming about The One, staying positive through life, and everything soon falling into place — all of those sound quite familiar to anyone who manifests

The core of manifestation hinges on the belief that we can intentionally cultivate our dreams into reality through our thoughts, actions, intent, energy, and belief.

What is Manifestation?

So, get rid of all those negative beliefs in your subconscious mind, and start imagining the type of person you want to be your future boyfriend.

I’ve got five beginner-friendly steps to help you manifest the boyfriend (or girlfriend) of your dreams.

How to Manifest a Boyfriend In Five Simple Steps

The “what” in this step is a boyfriend. Ask yourself, what kind of relationship do you want? What kind of person are you hoping to attract?

1. Decide on What You Want and Why You Want It

Who is your dream partner? What does quality time with them feel like? Really imagine what it would feel like to be with them.

2. Visualize It and Embody It

Get rid of any negative thoughts and notions about having a boyfriend, manifesting a boyfriend, or just getting into a loving relationship.

3. Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Want To Learn How To Manifest?

Want To Learn How To Manifest?

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I’m unlovable. True love only exists in fairy tales. There’s no such thing as soulmates.  I'm not cute enough. I’ll grow old alone.

Some examples of limiting beliefs include:

If you’re pushing out intent and energy about finding The One, then align your actions with it. Don’t ignore any opportunities the Universe sends your way!

4. Align Your Actions

Do not obsess over specific outcomes. That’s not healthy and doesn’t emit any positive energy. It’s also a whole other matter from visualizing your intent.

5. Surrender and Let Go

If there is ever one thing that would undo all work you put into manifesting, it’s having doubt. There’s no place for wishy-washy feelings for anyone who wants to manifest anything!

No Room for Doubt


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