Open Your Chakras Fast If you want to open your chakras fast, you will have to fully commit to the process.

It is possible. And it is simple. But it is not easy. So buckle up, buttercup; here we go.

The Chakras The concept of the chakras come from ancient Indian spirituality which held that humans have 7 energy centers within us representing different areas of our lives.

For a complete guide through the Chakras and how they relate to your life in detail, check out Judith Anodea’s foundation

work in Wheels of Life and Caroline Myss’ book The Anatomy of the Spirit on spiritual and physical healing using the chakras.

To sum it up here, we must first understand that we are all spirits having a human experience.

If you do not grasp this, no other spiritual work can have a profound enough effect to fully impact your life.

You must accept full responsibility for every single thing that happens in your life and what you will do with it.

This human life is yours to navigate as you will. Fortunately, you have come directly from an infinitely loving,

wise, and powerful universe that is always supporting you in the form of your higher self.

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