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Open Your Chakras Fast 

If you want to open your chakras fast, you will have to fully commit to the process.  

It is possible.  

And it is simple.  

But it is not easy.  

So buckle up, buttercup; here we go.  

The Chakras 

The concept of the chakras come from ancient Indian spirituality which held that humans have 7 energy centers within us representing different areas of our lives.  

For a complete guide through the Chakras and how they relate to your life in detail, check out Judith Anodea’s foundation work in Wheels of Life and Caroline Myss’ book The Anatomy of the Spirit on spiritual and physical healing using the chakras.  

To sum it up here, we must first understand that we are all spirits having a human experience.  

If you do not grasp this, no other spiritual work can have a profound enough effect to fully impact your life.  

You must accept full responsibility for every single thing that happens in your life and what you will do with it.  

This human life is yours to navigate as you will.  

Fortunately, you have come directly from an infinitely loving, wise, and powerful universe that is always supporting you in the form of your higher self.  

This is your higher consciousness.  

Your higher self-communicates with you in various ways, through books, music movies, other people, whispers on the wind, inspired ideas, even butterflies.  

One of the easiest ways to tell if you are aligned with spirit in order to receive these communications is through your chakra system.  

When each of your chakras is opened and cleared, you are open to the Universe.  

What is each chakra and what does it represent?  

Crown Chakra 

The crown chakra is located at the crown of your head, where most babies first enter the world, and it is your connection to the Universe in its most obvious form.  

Imagine that you download inspiration and intuition via your crown chakra.  

Your Universal wisdom is here, your connection to all other spirit forms is here, and all of your Universal power is here.  

If you are out of touch with your crown chakra, you will experience headaches, pressure, tension, even ocular migraines.  

You are stuck in the human realm without tapping into your spiritual resources, which are infinite.  

Third Eye Chakra 

Your third eye chakra is located above your brow, and right in the center of your forehead.  

It is your spiritual eye to the material world.  

You can see all capital T Truth with your third eye. You see who people really are in their souls, you see their intentions, and you can see events and circumstances clearly and without bias, as the Universe does.  

When your third eye chakra is blocked, your vision is clouded with negativity, ego, and negative emotions.  

You take things personally, you trust someone who does not deserve it, and you end up hurt.  

A blocked third eye chakra can cause vision troubles, eye strain, and headaches.  

Throat Chakra 

The throat chakra is located at the base of your throat and represents your ability to communicate clearly, to speak capital T Truth with kindness, love, and directness.  

Your throat chakra allows you to have conversations with anyone without getting triggered or speaking from your ego.  

A blocked throat chakra may result in a sore throat, a cough, and even lung issues.  

Heart Chakra 

embrace the divine feminine

Your heart chakra is located over your heart and is your connection between the upper chakras, which are ruled by the spirit realm, and the lower chakras, which are ruled by the earthly realm.  

It is also the location of your self love, the most powerful force you have in this life.  

Your heart chakra allows you to love yourself first and foremost above all else.  

This is, in my opinion, the gateway to all other chakras.  

If you do not love yourself fully, your other chakras will also be blocked to some extent.  

A blocked heart chakra leads to loneliness, depression, chest pain, heartache, heart disease, and even heart attacks.  

Solar Plexus Chakra 

The solar plexus is located in your solar plexus, or your gut, and it represents your connection to other individuals on earth.  

You read other people’s energy from your gut.  

You get “gut feelings” about events and circumstances.  

And your gut is connected to your crown chakra in a spiritual version of the physical gut brain connection.  

It is the seat of your entire nervous system and must be kept in balance through balanced living.  

It is the reason so many women have nervous system issues, because they give and give and give without putting things into balance.  

A blocked solar plexus chakra can lead to nervous system disorders, anxiety, and gut health issues, which can set your entire system into disarray.  

Sacral Chakra 

The sacral chakra is located where the woman’s womb is located, and it represents your connection to your biological family, those closest to you “by blood.”  

It is also the seat of all of your creative activity. It is an ongoing mystery more than any other energetic location as it is pure magic.  

It is chaos in an otherwise orderly system.  

It is also deeply feminine.  

A blocked sacral chakra leads to lower intestinal issues, fertility issues, and fatigue.  

Root Chakra 

And finally, the root chakra is located between your legs at the base of your spine, or at the balls of your feet.  

It is your direct connection to the earth from which you were made and all other Universal earthly creations on the planet, living or inanimate.  

It is your earth center, a constant reminder that we are all connected, one large community – humans, plants, animals, and even rocks, crystals, and the soil itself.  

A blocked root chakra can lead to feelings of fatigue, emptiness, leg pain, lower intestinal and digestive issues, and back pain.  

Note that the chakras are all connected in a direct line from your crown to your root, that often multiple chakras will engage at the same time, and that one blocked chakra can lead to several blocked chakras.  

It is a system, just like your anatomical system.  

Open Your Chakras Fast 

If you want to open your chakras fast, you will have to commit to embracing your feminine.  

Realize that masculine energy is often closed, determined, productive, active, forward motion, protective energy.  

We all have it, and far too many of us today are in only masculine energy.  

Feminine energy is open, receptive, inclusive, creative, and yes a bit chaotic, which, I believe, is why we shut it down.  

We fear chaos.  

But chaos held lightly by order is pure magic.  

To open your chakras, you will have to get in touch with your feminine side.  

Especially if you are a biological female, it is time to reclaim this part of yourself, and when you do, when you allow yourself to be in your feminine, you give everyone else, including men, permission to do the same.  

How to Get in Touch with Your Feminine 

To get in touch with your feminine and open your chakras fast, get soft.  

Your goal is to get really soft, gentle, light, open, get curious, and receive.  

Allow others to do things for you, to give you things, to help you.  

Femininity is all about community, working together, including, listening to all voices, and relaxing into divine will.  

So you will have to surrender again and again to the larger vision of the Universe.  

If you are a woman in a relationship with a man, allow your man to please you, to give to you, to provide for you, to hold you up, lift you up, and support you.  

If you are a man, allow yourself to get soft on occasion, to open up your heart and your mind, and, if you have a woman in her divine feminine, to follow her lead.  

Let her open you up.  

This is the entire point of human relationships – to allow the masculine and feminine not only to coexist but also to thrive.  


The other thing to do to open your chakras fast is to meditate.  

Every single day, without exception, sit in meditation for 20 minutes before you do anything else.  

Set your timer, sit in a calm, peaceful, safe space, and visualize each of your chakras, from your crown down to your toes.  

Imagine the energy of the Universe filling your crown up with a bright white light, and clearing each of those spaces fully.  

Commit to each chakra in your body, commit to utilizing them to the best of your ability, to honoring your gifts, and to keeping them open channels so you may draw on all your power, call of your power back to you.  

Do this every single day and you will notice an energetic charge fill you gradually during each meditation, opening up your chakras fully before you leave meditation.  

Then, it is up to you to keep those chakras open all day.  

Check in with your success at the end of each day and start over again the next day.  

Before you know it, you will be literally sparkling with loving power from the inside out.  

Happy manifesting! 

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