It's important to know what to say when smudging a house, because intentions matter.

What Should You Say While You're Smudging Your Home?

When you're smudging, you need to be clear about what you want from the smudging session and how you intend to receive it.

Your Intentions Determine What To Say When Smudging a House

-Who you are -Your appreciation -Benevolent intentions -A desire to live in harmony with what is already there

What To Say When You’re New to the House

"We are creating an environment of love and happiness in this home. If you don't have those intentions, leave. Negative energy is not welcome here.

Smudging Prayer To Remove Negative Energy From Home

“I command all low vibrational energy to vacate this space and move in the direction of the light.”

What do you say when you smudge a house of negative energy?

“I thank the spirits for allowing me to share this home with them. I ask that the next family experiences the same love.”

What To Say When Putting Your House Up for Sale

It means that it's more about the intentions you have behind what you say than what you actually say.

Intentions and Appreciation Create the Petition

Move clockwise from when you take that first step to start the cleansing. Just imagine a white light or even use a flashlight as a light source to cleanse with.

How Do You Cleanse Your House?

Show appreciation, and state your intentions as they resonate within you. Do these two things, and you’ll find good vibes and good fortune with the spirits on your side as you smudge the house.

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