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Cord Cutting Ritual to Reclaim Your Energy

Cord Cutting Ritual to Reclaim Your Energy

A cord cutting ritual is often necessary to reclaim your energy once you have realized that you need to release someone or even something from your life.

So often, we carry around the energy from all of the people that have influenced our lives for years, without realizing how much of an impact that energy is having on our every day actions.

Thus, a cord cutting ritual, can be seen as a type of detox, a cleansing, if you will.

The Universe Is You

In order to fully understand accord, cutting ritual, and to truly benefit from it, it is essential to understand energy and human beings as energetic beings first and foremost.

When we do fully grasp this concept of energetic cords, we can begin to cut them.

Otherwise, you may find yourself simply going through the motions without fully embodying the energetic reality of cutting the cord.

It helps to begin at the beginning

Spiritual leader Deepak Chopra and physicist Menas Kafatos authored the book You Are the Universe.

In it, they describe in both spiritual and scientific terms the ways in which we can be fairly certain that the entire universe is made up of energy, that energy is at the core of everything that happens, everything we do, and that we are all connected.

They talk about the universe as a sort of consciousness, though not a consciousness, that we really comprehend in our limited human understanding of the word consciousness.

This consciousness was, in the beginning, all that existed. It had the power to manifest through sheer will.

With that power, this consciousness, which some now obviously referred to as God, manifested the universe, as we know it, earth, and everything on earth. There is a sort of forward, momentum, that we call evolution, that lead from the big bang to early life on earth, and finally to humans.

Energy Is Everything

Science tells us that you cannot create something without in viewing it with aspects of your self. In other words, anything you create contains your energy. This truth exists also in the creation of humans by that consciousness, no matter how far removed from the Big Bang theory or early consciousness.

Thus, logic tells us that we are directly connected to the consciousness that created us. Indeed, we hold that consciousness within us contained in these limited human forms as our own consciousness.

I personally love the comparison of human consciousness as a drop and universal consciousness as the ocean. It is a misunderstanding to think of that drop as a single solitary piece of the ocean. It would be better understood as the entire ocean contained in a drop.

Of course, there are necessary limitations in these drops, in our consciousness.

That divine consciousness, God, knows everything, sees everything, and is in everything, meaning it is everywhere at all times, utterly powerful beyond human comprehension.

In our human forms, it would make no sense to have that kind of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. What would be the point?

Psychologist, Jordan Peterson tells a Jewish parable of the value of limitation. As he puts it, if God is all knowing, all seeing, all present, and all powerful, why create humans?

Why manifest something with so many limitations?

The only possible logical answer can be that there must be inherent value in limitation.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, molecular biologist, explains this value as sensory or sensual. Spirit, he says, cannot taste chocolate. And perhaps it really is as simple as that.

We humans are here, manifestations of a larger consciousness, of which we are all part, in order, expressly, to have the human experience – to feel joy, to feel pain, to taste chocolate.

Energetic Connections

Now, because we are all part of the same larger consciousness, we are all necessarily connected on a spiritual level. But when we connect on the human level, because of our limitations, we become attached, often in unhealthy ways.

Mother to child, lover to lover, brother to sister, friend to friend. These attachments, of course, can be healthy. They teach us to love, to bond, and when necessary, to let go.

However, these attachments become not only unhealthy, but also toxic to the point of dangerous when we fail to surrender them to something larger, that larger consciousness.

As Buddhist monk, Pema Chodron describes, we cling, we become needy, we become desperate, and all of these acts, become detrimental to our souls, to our energy.

Energetic connections can quickly become toxic relationships when we do not respect our own energetic field.

And this can happen in any relationship, including in a parent child relationship, or just with a friend.

And the truth is, you know when your attachment has become unhealthy and toxic. You find yourself thinking about the person all the time, you’re willing to hurt yourself for this person, maybe you even think about hurting this person, in the interest of their own good or the good of your relationship.

So, while we are supposed to form, energetic connections, we are not meant to cling. When we understand that we are energetics beings, we understand that we can never own another person, and therefore we can never lose another person. We will all always be connected.

It’s a Bond

An energetic tie on earth is best described as a bond. You have bonded with another person for one reason or another, maybe blood, maybe something else.

These bonds can be beautiful, they can open us up, they can allow us to see new parts of ourselves, they can encourage us to be our best selves, and they can bring us closer to that higher consciousness. To God.

In hard times, family members, or a dear friend, can make those hard times easier. They can even show us our strength in the face of challenges. In good times, those same people with whom we bond can help us celebrate, enhancing our joy.

It is only when we find ourselves on the darker side of the bond that we have to start considering cord cutting. We all in this lifetime have got to learn to cut the cord.

Negative energy chords and toxic attachments make us miserable, and they often make everyone around us miserable. It is essential in this human life to learn, healthy ways of letting go. For this, we can look to our ancestors.

History of Cord Cutting

The history of cord cut and goes all the way back to ancient African roots, and to the indigenous ancestors we all have.

In many indigenous cultures, ceremonies are performed in order to help somebody release another person.

A court cutting ritual could include an overnight fire ceremony, it could include an actual cord being cut, there may be candle flame involved, or many other traditions and practices. There is no wrong way to do a court cutting ritual.

The key is to performing a ritual that makes sense to you, that you respond to energetically, and that helps you surrender your unhealthy attachment to the universe.

Our ancestors understood that everything was energy, they understood the need to get rid of your dark forces through a release, through a surrender, through a detoxification.

They knew on a deeply spiritual level, that every word we speak, every action we take, indeed, every thought that we think, is energy.

It is time that we reclaim that knowledge. Cord cutting is a great way to begin your detox process.

3 Ways to Practice Cord Cutting

Remember, there is no special perfect way to practice cord cutting. I am including here three examples that you can draw from.

You may find that one particular ritual works for one unhealthy attachment, while another ritual works for another unhealthy attachment. The key, always, is to experiment and, experience

Again, the experience is the whole point.

Cut the Cord

The first practice involves simply cutting an actual cord.

This practice is a great way to begin the process of cord cutting. All you have to do is create a sacred space, you can form a circle around yourself with your favorite crystals, maybe some cleansing crystals, these could include black obsidian for absorbing negative energy, clear quartz for clarifying your space, or amethyst for healing spiritual wounds.

Bring an actual cord into your circle, visualize the person you want to release, give yourself a few minutes of deep meditation on that person, and then cut the cord with a pair of scissors.

Burn the Name

Another simple cord cutting ritual, involves writing the name of the person you want to release down on a piece of paper, following the same secret circle practice as above, but this time you’ll bring a candle with you.

I like to perform this ritual outside, and a damp, fire safe area, so that I can meditate on the person, and then burn the paper in the candle flames.

You can of course also perform this ritual inside with a fire-safe container, like a cast-iron cauldron.


The last example of a cord cutting ritual, is to simply, and yet intensely, meditate.

When the connection is intense, and especially toxic, you need to give yourself time, meaning days or weeks, maybe even months.

Every day you rise, brush your teeth, scrape your tongue, drink a glass of water, go into your sacred space, and meditate for 20 minutes.

You’re not going to visualize the person in this practice. You’re going to visualize yourself releasing, surrendering, connecting to your higher consciousness.

You are going to remember, remind yourself, that you are an infinite being having a human experience.

Practice this meditation until you really believe that

Happy manifesting!