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Pretty much every witch or alternative spiritual guru on earth has at least one crystal. Most of us have several, and we have them in several forms. We’ve got crystal bracelets, pendants, and earrings.

We’ve got crystals on our shelves. Some of us even have altars and entire cases of crystals.

A select few even go in for those big, huge cracked open crystals that require their own pedestal or display case. Crystals offer powerful magic to those of us who believe in and practice magic.

But, you may wonder, how? How do crystals offer any magic? They’re just… rocks.

Magic: Believe It or Not

Sure, crystals are just rocks. And we humans are just flesh and blood. Meat suits you might even say. No big deal. We live. We die. And the earth keeps turning.

All of this is true. And if you want to keep it that basic, that simple, and that surface, there’s nothing wrong with living life that way.

There is nothing inherently wrong with just waking up, going through the motions, seeing life as completely random and devoid of magic or spirit, finding your pleasures where you can, facing your pains as you can, and living your best life until you die.

More power to you.

Science Is on Our Side

However, for those of us determined to occupy a bigger, more spiritual, more universally connected way, science is on our side.

As Einstein said, “Matter is Energy… Energy is Light… We are all Light Beings.”

He also said, “Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe – a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”

Energy is everything, he tells us. Nothing is devoid of energy. We are all connected by a universal, loving, infinitely powerful spirit.

To deny this is to deny a part of yourself.

No judgement of course. It is perfectly okay to live only the human part of this experience. Perfectly okay to adopt an atheistic, pure logic, straight and narrow approach to life.

All I’m saying is, if you do, you’re missing out.

Humans and Crystals: the Connection

For those interested in stepping into a bigger space, a space requiring you to stretch your imagination a little, to allow life to be a bit windier, a bit more spiral, not so hard logically linear, crystals are a great introduction into this bigger space.


Crystals have been here since the beginning. Long before human life. Long before any real identifiable life. Crystals have been here.

Rocks and stones are the original foundation of the earth.

And here’s the thing so few of us realize – we are made of the same stuff that makes up crystals.

What? You ask. I’m made of crystals?

Well, kind of, yes.

The way physicists explain it, everything that exists on earth has always existed. You’ve likely heard the expression “nothing new under the sun.” Essentially, everything on earth that you can see, touch, feel, taste, is made up of the original material that existed on earth when the planet was first born.

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The big bang theory says that the earth is made from stardust from giant red stars. From a single point that grew hotter and faster in rapid succession, a collection of material from the galaxy exploded outward and created earth.

The earth was created, essentially, from stardust and other exotic material from the universe that is billions of years old.

Once earth was formed, everything else that arose from earth is a product then of that earth and made up of the same material. It is why you can find so many elements within the human body that you also find in the earth, from vitamins and minerals to heavy metals and water.

All of which means that we are made of the same stuff crystals are made of.


People’s fascination and obsession with crystals dates back thousands of years.

Crystals have been a point of interest in religions across the world and history from ancient Greece to modern Christianity. It is not just witches and spiritual hippies who love crystals.

A crystal has been used to describe the purity of the Virgin Mary, and it stands as a symbol of erotic love in medieval poetry. It is complex and simple at the same time. Kind of like humans.

In modern spirituality, crystals serve as reminders that we are all connected, and that we are all connected to something much larger than ourselves.

The Occult

As far as occult objects go, objects that represent beliefs and practices in the supernatural, or something bigger than ourselves, crystals are the easiest divination tools to work with.

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Occult objects can include a wide range:

  • Pendulums
  • Tarot cards
  • Numerology
  • I Ching book and coins
  • Essential oils
  • Stream of consciousness writing
  • Signs and signals
  • Tea leaves
  • Runes
  • Herbs
  • Candles
  • Crystals

Most of these divination tools, meaning ways to communicate with the universe, or ways to prepare you to communicate with the universe, require an extraordinary amount of practice, patience, and trial and error.

It can take a long time to learn tarot. Stream of consciousness can have you second guessing yourself. Even essential oils can have hit or miss results.

For logic minded witches, it can be easy to fall into the world of doubt and long to step firmly back onto solid ground, where you do not have to take leaps of faith and trust in the unknown.

The compromise on your way to even the smallest leap of faith is crystals.

Crystals are real, they are tangible, and they hold no abstract mystery that leaves you questioning your sanity.

You can hold a crystal in your hand and focus your energy on a specific goal or outcome. And since logic allows us to admit that energy is real, you don’t even have to believe in the power of crystals to believe in your own power to manifest whatever you desire. And to believe that the crystal is merely a cold, hard reminder of how powerful you are.

Crystals for Beginners

To begin to work with crystals, keep in mind that, like any other occult object or divination tool, it only holds the power you believe it does.

If you think it is just a rock, then it is indeed just a rock. Perspective matters here, and you whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.


Whether you think you are powerful or you think you are powerless, you are right.

All that is required is a shift in your thinking.

For those who feel entirely powerless, without faith, and seeking answers, crystals are a great way to inch yourself up the ladder from powerless to empowered.

Start with a crystal on your desk, on your bedside, on your wrist, at your throat, and build your belief in yourself and in the infinitely loving all powerful universe at your back.

Clear Quartz

I always recommend beginners to venture into a crystal or occult shop and find a clear quartz crystal that speaks to you.

clear quartz
clear quartz

Clear quartz represents clarity on all issues. You can direct your thoughts to clear, you mind to clear during meditation, or your heart to clear from blocks and anger. Or you can just seek clarity on an issue, and keep your clear quartz with you. It stands as a reminder that you can take a moment and seek clarity. There is no rush, no desperation.


Amethyst is for relaxation, rest, sleep, and calm.


You need all of these qualities if you are hoping to expand your belief system and begin taking leaps of faith. Keep an amethyst with you at all times to remind you to breathe and trust the universe to guide you.


Selenite is great for purity.


With selenite you are seeking a pure connection to the divine, an open connection, and an instantly open and positive approach to your spirituality.

Rose Quartz

The love crystal, rose quartz reminds you to keep an open heart and trust love to lead the way.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Approach any new adventure with an open heart, and you will see your best doors open before you.

Black Obsidian

I love having a pure black stone with me to remind me to stay grounded.

Black Obsidian
Black Obsidian

While I am made of star stuff, I am also made from the rich, black earth. You can bloom wherever you are planted when you stay connected to the earth. Ground clear up any confusion as to how powerful you are with black obsidian.


Citrine is a stone of positivity. Good luck, money, wealth, and abundance are always on their way to you.


Citrine reminds you to remain open to them so you can accept, rather than block, them.

And always remember, no matter where you start, how many crystals you have, and how many you work with, the power is in you to make the connection. You hold the power of the universe within your grasp, it is up to you to wield that power. Crystals are just a tangible reminder of that.

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