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Numerology has come up a lot recently on spiritual sites and other occult sites in order to hone in more specifically on a personality, on life path, or on an unearthed past. It can be more helpful than the zodiac because of how broad and all-encompassing the zodiac can be when not taken into context with the birth chart.

So, what is numerology? What do you need to know? And how can it help you?

Numerology 101

Numerology is the study of numbers in your life. Remember that the single universal language in the world, even in the universe, is math.

We can communicate with virtually any being on earth and beyond in math.

There is something both simple and complex about math and the language of numbers, and numerology is no exception.

The universe is a system that, when broken down to its most basic elements – numbers – it makes perfect sense. Even amid seeming chaos we can find order.

And as we are products of the universe, true miracles in fact, numbers can help us understand ourselves.

The History of Numerology

The history of numerology, using numbers to understand ourselves and our lives, goes back millennia. We have evidence of numerology being used by the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians.

The Romans, the Chinese, the Greeks, and the Japanese also have early records of numerology in wide use.

The way we think of numerology today is thanks in large part to the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras


Pythagoras was around in about 500 BC, and he discovered the direct relationship between numbers and music. He used this discovery to use people’s birthdates to correspond to musical vibrations and then describe people’s personalities as they displayed them to others in public.

His practice ultimately led to the widespread practice of the zodiac.

Pythagoras was very clear in his belief that everything in the universe could be explained by numbers and that everything could be worked down to be represented by a single digit.

Today, we refer to his theories as the Pythagorean Number System, and we still use them today in numerology.

Simple. Not Easy.

Numerology, like the zodiac, is simple once you have mastered it, but it feels quite complicated before that.

Hence, most people just learn the basics, like their life path number, personality, and soul urge, and leave it at that.

But the trick to numerology, just like with the zodiac, is in understanding how all of your numbers work together.

This is why you will find so many people skeptical about both the zodiac and numerology.

They’ll say, “well, I’m a Virgo and I’m not type A at all. My zodiac sign is never right.”

Or, “yea, I looked up my numerology numbers and they were way off!”

It’s complicated.

If you’re just in it for fun, you like to read your horoscope and be able to discuss the basics of your numerology numbers, you can check out the Law of Attraction calculator here.

If you are looking for something much more complex, true insight into who you are, what your path is, and how you can interact with the destiny laid out for you, you will want to see a specialist.

How to Find a Numerology Specialist

A numerology specialist, called a numerologist, has typically spent years learning numbers, the ways of the universe, and birth charts, and speaks numerology fluently.

Start exploring sites and forums to find a numerologist who works with you.

Ann Perry has a site full of great info, and you can book a session with her.

You can also Google “Numerologist Near Me” and get a list of local people you can meet in person.

Play around with the internet and see what you can find that resonates with you.

It Must Resonate

It must resonate.

The first time I saw a medium who channeled universal messages and those from spirits who had passed on from the human experience, she cracked me wide open.

We had never met. She knew nothing about me.

I showed up at a channeling circle, she picked me dead last, and she delivered a divine message that spoke directly to my soul.


Because I went in with an open mind and an open heart.

And I’ll tell you, I am a naturally skeptical and highly logical person.

But I do believe, because of ample evidence to support it, that the universe is an infinitely loving, all knowing, infinitely wise energy that is always always working in our favor.

I believe to the core of my being that we were spirit, part of that universe, before we came into our human bodies, and that we came here with a set of intentions, which determined when we were born, where we were born, and to whom we were born.

Our life circumstances were determined by the intentions of our own spirits before we inhabited these bodies.

The zodiac, numerology, mediums, and psychics can all help us understand those intentions and see into parts of ourselves we may be blocking for whatever reason.

That medium, now a good friend of mine, is so gifted that she could read the energy of my spirit that I was blocking myself off from.

A true numerologist will be able to read your numbers and help you understand them in ways that make sense to you.

If it does not make sense, you have found the wrong numerologist.

Numerology Basics

I am not a numerologist, but I can tell you the very basics to get you started.

The building blocks of numerology, of all numbers, really, are the numbers 1 – 9, with a few exceptions.

We also include the numbers 11, 22, and 33, as they are highly signified and hold a higher vibration or energetic frequency.

Thus, your life path number can be either 1 – 9, or 11, 22, or 33.

To calculate your life path number, you start with your date of birth.

Full date of your birth year, your birth day, and your birth month.

You add all those numbers together, in that order, until you get a single digit.

So, if your birthday was July 3, 1995, we would read that as 7/3/1995, and you work backwards.

1+9+9+5 = 24

Then add 2 + 4 = 6

Then add the 3 for the day 6 + 3 = 9

Then add 9 + 7 for the month and you get 16

Finally, add 1 + 6 = 7

Your life path number would be 7.

What Does All that Mean?

A very basic run down of life path numbers is as follows:


You are a natural born leader, ambitious, and successful in whatever you pursue with determination. That is likely because you are charming, diplomatic, and interesting to be around.

The dark side of these qualities is that, unbalanced, you may be overprotective of loved ones and prone to anger issues.


Two are empaths, deeply caring and committed, often to a fault. You are creative and skilled at helping diffuse difficult situations.

The challenge here is that you avoid conflict and may get run over. You can also become overly dependent in your personal relationships.


You love the spotlight, and you’re good at getting it. You have high energy and have probably been precocious for most of your life.

All of this means you may be prone to losing attention quickly and walking away from projects without finishing them.


A loyal, reliable, rule follower, a four is a great friend and employee.

You can also become too rigid and uptight, easily frustrated by people who think, and stray, outside the box.


Inquisitive and intellectual, fives are great journalists and educators. You are a strong communicator and deeply curious about everything.

The downside? You may throw yourself too much into your intellectual pursuits and come across as superficial.


Super passionate, you are a speaker, and activist, or an advocate. You will stand up and fight for what you believe in.

You may find yourself lacking in self-care or caring for loved ones when you become all consumed by a project.


Creative and imaginative, you thrive in your own little world. Prone to introversion and shyness, you are able to entertain yourself easily and be alone.

The challenge here is that you may find it hard to connect with others.


You are financially savvy and ambitious, willing to work hard to earn your living and become self-sufficient.

This means you may be prone to allowing people to scam you for a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. You may also become a workaholic.


Idealistic and principled, you are unwilling to compromise your values in favor of convenience.

The challenge is that you may be judgmental and harsh with others who don’t feel the same, affecting your interpersonal relationships.

A Grain of Salt

Again, take all of this with a grain of salt until you are ready to deeply invest in the study of numerology. It is both an art and a science and cannot be neatly summed up to explain everything in a single witchy spiritual blog post.

Happy manifesting!

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