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Different Types of Tarot Spreads and How To Read Them Accurately

Tarot spreads are an important part of tarot reading. When you want to tap into your intuition, tarot spreads can help direct your focus on the question or issue you need to address. There are many different types of tarot spreads to choose from, each with its own unique purpose and style.

reading different tarot spreads

As you become more adept at reading tarot cards, you’ll find yourself drawn to particular spreads. Some spreads may be more challenging to work with. That’s okay. The important thing is to trust your intuition and go with which spread speaks to you the most.

Today, I’ll introduce you to four popular spreads and discuss how you can use them effectively in your readings.

What Are Tarot Spreads?

A tarot card spread refers to the specific pattern or layout that the cards follow after being drawn from a deck during a reading. Different spreads can be used to answer any number of questions you might have in your life. They are particularly helpful for looking at a specific situation or a specific question from many different angles, which is why they are an important part of every practitioner’s spiritual growth.

By using a particular tarot spread, you can gain insight and clarity into a situation without the bias that often comes with self-reflection. The design itself already suggests what each card represents, so it avoids any confusion. If you’re looking for some answers about finding love in your life or securing the job you want, there are individual tarot spreads you can use.

There are many different types of tarot spreads that you can use, ranging from the simplest to the most complicated. Before you try those fancy card spreads and immerse yourself in their intricate meanings, I encourage you to start with these four beginner-level tarot spreads to get your feet wet.

Meditation Card

Out of all the tarot spreads, this is probably the easiest to work with because it uses just one card. I found this extremely helpful when I was just learning about tarot reading. I still do because I’ve incorporated it into my morning ritual, and it helps me get through the rest of my day with clarity and purpose.

To use this for your morning meditation, close your eyes and take a deep breath first. Then, shuffle the cards and pick one that “calls out” to you. Clear your mind and gaze at the image for about 10 minutes. Try not to depend too much on the standard meaning of the card and acknowledge whatever advice or inspiration comes to you.

Three-Card Spread

This is another popular spread I love to work with because it’s very straightforward in its linear design. The three cards you pull from the deck can offer different ways of looking at a given situation. Most practitioners gravitate toward the past-present-future approach, while others use it to examine their situation, action, and outcome.

Draw three cards from the deck and lay each one from left to right. Then, uncover the meaning in a sequential fashion, very much like getting from point A to point B. If you’re pressed for time, and you want to do a quick, condensed reading, I highly recommend the three-card spread. You can also use it for advice on your current path, strengths, and weaknesses.

Relationship Spread

Probably one of the most utilized tarot spreads is the relationship spread. It’s mainly because human connections are such an integral part of human existence that many people often seek advice on how to improve them.

Also known as the love spread, this specific layout examines how strong a relationship is or how happy you are with the other person. Arrange the cards in the form of an inverted V, placing the first card on the bottom left, then moving up to reach the apex until you lay the final card on the bottom right.

Below are the corresponding meanings of each card:

  • First card: How you feel about the relationship
  • Second card: How your partner feels toward you
  • Third card: What brings you together
  • Fourth card: Your relationship strengths
  • Fifth card: Your relationship weaknesses
  • Sixth card: How you can improve the relationship

Career Spread

Another common tarot spread is the career spread because a huge chunk of our lives is spent on earning a living or putting our efforts into a specific profession. You may be wondering whether it’s time to find a new job or choose an entirely new path.

Lay the cards in the shape of a horseshoe, placing the first card on the top-left, then moving down to reach the middle curve until you lay the final card on the top-right.

Here’s what each card in the spread means:

  • First card: Whether your current job is right for you
  • Second card: What you need to do to boost your career
  • Third card: Things you cannot change about your job
  • Fourth card: The current skills you have
  • Fifth card: The skills you need to develop
  • Sixth card: The influence of past actions on your situation
  • Seventh card: The possible outcome of the choice you’re about to make

How To Make the Most of Your Tarot Spread

A common challenge that most beginners face is being too rigid in interpreting what every card means. There’s the standard meaning, of course, and then there’s the prescribed context according to the given design. Being too methodical about your tarot work gets in the way of an authentic reading.

To make the most of your tarot spread, don’t forget to look at the bigger picture. You can deviate a bit from the meaning of each card by examining each one’s relation to the rest. That way, you can uncover more layers about the situation and obtain the most meaningful advice.

Some other great spreads are the celtic cross spread and the past, present, future spread.

Above All, Trust Your Intuition

These different types of tarot spreads can help you grow spiritually because they give incredible insight into the different aspects of your life. It’s all about having a wide perspective and trusting your witch’s intuition when working with a spread of your choice, so you can find deeper meaning in the cards drawn.

For more topics on how to hone your tarot reading skill, subscribe to my channel to learn more about maximizing the tarot effectively for your spiritual work!

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