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777 Angel Number: What Does It Mean And How Can You Use It To Manifest?

There is a level of spiritual awakening that is required for you to even recognize repetitions in numbers and symbols.

Thus, if you are aware enough that you are wondering about the 777 angel number and what it means for you, congratulations and welcome to initiation.  

It is often a long and challenging journey just to get here, and to stay here requires even more concentrated energy and spiritual hard work.  

777 angel number

Be assured that your guardian angels are always watching out for you, that a lucky number like 777 is just one sign of that truth, and that your spiritual enlightenment is well underway.  

Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual Meaning 

Abraham Hicks, the leading voice in all things law of attraction and the spiritual realm, calculates that approximately 3% of humans on earth are tapped into the truth about our existence here, our purpose, and how to navigate our lives.  

the law of attraction

Three percent! 

That means that if you are even on the cusp of opening yourself up to the universe and all its wondrous magic, you are in a very small minority but in really good company.  

This is a spiritual awakening.  

Basic Concepts of the Law of Attraction 

A few things are critical to accept as you continue on your journey toward understanding your 777 angel number, which will be a lifelong one, make no mistake.  

What is The Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is an unbreakable, unwavering, universal law that states that everything is energy, and energy attracts like, or receptive, energy.  

Basically, you attract what you seek. You get what you ask for, energetically.  

It is critical to note that there is no such thing as good luck or bad luck. There is only energy that attracts energy.  

what is the law of attraction

If you are in a good place energetically, you will attract more good into your life. 

If you are in a negative place, you will attract more negativity.  

The only way out of a negative space is to step into a neutral space and focus all your attention on what you want, what you expect, and what you believe is coming to you.  

And the way to hold onto your good place is to continually be grateful for it, which is good energy, and to continue to ask for more, knowing you will receive it. 

Oneness Is All There Is 


There is no separateness in the universe. Everything is connected.  

Only humans separate.  

In the spiritual world, all was created by the Universe – call that energy God, Source Energy, Spirit, even Nature. It is the single creator of all things. It has no will in terms of choosing good or bad for us, punishing or rewarding us.  

It creates always from a place of infinite love because it knows in its infinite wisdom that everything created is an opportunity for expansion.  

777 Angel Number: Spiritual Beings Seek Expansion 

We came into this human experience as an extension of that Source Energy, from oneness, into this limited experience.  

7777 angel number meaning

We were spiritual beings, part of the whole, seeking expansion. Every single experience offers expansion. So Source does not judge what is good or bad. We do.  

In our human experience, drawing on our own inner wisdom, which comes from Source, we get to decide what is good or bad for us and then ask for what we want.  

Source always answers.  

When we die, we simply return to Source, spiritual beings once more, on a spiritual evolution.  

Here to Have a Good Time 

777 meaning manifestation

So why not have a good time? We get to choose, always. That is the power of free will.  

It feels good to have a good time, and we are allowed, indeed encouraged, to just have fun.  

If all experiences offer expansion to the universe, why not make the absolute best of it, line up with God, and have a party of a life? 

I’m not talking about drinking and smoking and acting recklessly. I mean, live a life of abundance, where you live out your joys, reach for your highest dreams, and expand in that way.  

777 Angel Number: Spirit Guides Direct You on the Right Path 

So, when we talk about spirit guides, we are talking about extensions of that Source Energy. We all have those little whispers in our ear, and we all relate to them differently.  

You can call them your ancestors. I do, often. Both my grandmothers recently passed, hang out with me frequently, and urge me on.  

I did not even get along with one of my grandmothers at all when she was alive. Now she has passed, and all that human stuff lifted off, so we have a great relationship now.  

She is one of my key spirit guides.  

Self love

Other people simply think of The Universe as a single voice, a single spirit guide.  

One of my favorite concepts on this spiritual path is that whatever you believe, it is so.  

Even the Christian Bible says that whatever man makes so on earth becomes so in heaven.  

We are the creators.  

We are the gods we have been waiting for.  

The more we tap into our psychic abilities, the freer we are to hear our spirit guides, see our angel numbers and continue on our spiritual journey with spiritual guidance, positive changes, and good fortune.  

Psychic Abilities and 777 Angel Number Manifestations 

We were all born with psychic abilities, or supernatural senses if you will.  

Just as we are all born with the ability to feel, taste, hear, see, and smell, we are all also born with the ability to hear, see, feel, and know things outside of the natural world.  

The problem is that we are told throughout our lives that our inner wisdom is wrong. Our parents, our teachers, and other “smarter” and older people are constantly telling us not to believe ourselves but to believe them instead.  

By the time you’re in grade school, you’ve shut down most of your ability, along with most of your creative expression and ability to receive divine guidance.  

It’s no wonder most of us have such a hard time navigating life.  

We came here with our own internal navigation system, and then we shut it down! 

So, to open it back up, you simply do it. Open it back up.  

When you see 777, what should you do?


use your psychic abilities to understand angel numbers and their meanings

The single most important thing you can do to welcome spirit back into your life is to begin a daily meditation practice.  

Sit for 20 minutes each day and quiet your mind. Open your heart.  

You know, Spirit never ever leaves you. It is always with you.  

You just pinch it off from your awareness.  

So it does not take long once you open your heart and your mind for Spirit to come roaring back in like Mushu from Mulan.  

One thing you can do if you are looking for clear communication from Source Energy is to ask for something at the end of your meditation.  

Ask for a sign throughout your day.  


I love this quote I heard once that said “prayer is asking, and meditation is listening for the answer.”  

So put out a prayer to God, to Spirit, to your own inner guide, for a sign that you are on the right track, that this is the right time, and that you are in a place of positive energy.  

And then, watch out.  

Spend the rest of your day returning to a light meditative state of openness and a quieted mind, and pay attention to your signs.  

Watch each license plate and clock, billboard, and television. Pay attention to your books and magazines; even listen to a family member or friend.  

You will be surprised and delighted by how heavily and constantly the Universe communicates with you when you are paying attention to your prayers and meditation.  

777 Angel Number Manifestation 

One of my favorite signs from the Universe is the 777 angel number.  

It’s called an angel number because it comes from the Universe in repetition.  

If you are getting 777, you will likely get it more than once, and even more than twice or three times, often over several days, and you are also likely missing many of its appearances.  

777 in your life means that the divine is communicating directly with you, that your lines are open, that you are aligned with the Universe, and that the Universe is so excited you are here.  

It is an amazing confirmation in the form of a spiritual number that your spiritual path is all lit up and shiny and ready to receive you.  

All you have to do is keep living your best life.  

What does 777 mean if you’re looking for your twin flame?

If you have been looking for your twin flame, that one human being on earth who will share this journey with you, by your side, and show you who you truly are and what you are capable of, 777 tells you that your twin flame is open and looking for you, too.  

The best thing you can do to meet them in the flesh is to keep living, loving, and creating more abundance in your life. They cannot miss your bright, shining star.  

What does 777 mean in regard to your career?

It means you’re going to make the money, honey! Basically when you see 777 surrounding your career or money in any way, that’s a very good thing because it means you’re on the path to being very financially successful. Keep going!

777 Angel Number Meaning FAQ

What does 777 mean in manifestation?

It means that the spirit is trying to communicate with you, so listen up. They have an important message.

What does 777 mean for your relationship?

It means that something new and exciting is coming your way in your relationship. This could mean you’re about to take things to the next level or that you’re about to have something happen that brings you closer together as a couple.what is a love spell

What does 777 mean if you’re single?

It means that your manifestations (especially relationship related) are about to come your way. It’s Spirit telling you to hold out just a bit longer because it’s all about to get so good from here.

What does 777 mean if you see it while you’re thinking about someone?

This depends on what you’re thinking about that person. If you see it and you’re thinking something positive, then that means you should follow the path to be with them or to help them, but if it’s negative, then you should avoid that person or get away from them as quickly as possible.

What does it mean if you see 777 in a dream?

This is a good thing! If you see 777 in a dream, it means that your plans are going to work out just like you want them to.Manifest your dream life

Is 777 a lucky number?

Yes! Most definitely. 777 means things are good!

Happy manifesting! 

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  1. I alaways see the numbers 1,11,111and any number with the number 1 in it a few times a day , even in the middle of the night i wake up and the clock will say 1:11, what does it mean?

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