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Since ancient times, we’ve used talismans to protect ourselves from evil spirits, disease, broken hearts, and anything else that ails us. This type of magick can use crystals or other gifts from Mother Nature to ward off negative energy.

Especially when times are tough, we must draw positive vibes into our hearts and bodies. When we’re in balance, our innate healing potential helps us stay well.

However, protection is as much about defense as it is cultivation. The most potent protection spells and talismans include both elements.

Crystals for Protection

Crystals are a time-honored source of protection. They may be carried as talismans or incorporated into banishing or purifying rituals.

Quartz Necklace Pendulum

Because crystals and other gemstones come from Mother Earth, they are abundant in restorative energy. Some people use them as conduits with the greater Universe, which makes them ideal for aligning and cleansing our chakras.

Ancient traditions have associated some gemstones with the ability to keep evil spirits at bay. They repel negative vibes, thus warding off malevolent forces.

Other crystals are known to shoo away pain and other cosmic dust from our hearts, allowing us to connect more readily with nature. They clear the path for healing vibes and inspiration.

Here are some of the most powerful crystals and gemstones traditionally known for protection.


Named for its lustrous wonder and connection to the intuitive wisdom of the moon, moonstone has long been travelers’ favorite talisman.


This beautiful crystal has a calming, restorative effect. By enhancing focus and dispelling negative vibes, it allows people to see the truest, safest path on their journey — literally or figuratively.


Since Ancient Greece, opal has been used to dispel toxic energy thanks to its reflective surface. It effectively absorbs evil vibes and deflects them away from our hearts.

Pink Opal
Pink Opal

Plus, its rich hue and bright sheen invite introspection, which can help us identify negative self-talk and release those feelings.


Strong self-esteem is critical to defending ourselves against toxic people and other negative forces. Therefore, we must nourish our solar plexus, which is the chakra that summons our personal power.


Many bright, sun-colored crystals can help with this, but citrine pulls double duty. It not only helps you feel strong and confident but also minimizes your stress.

Try placing citrine under your pillow to avoid nightmares, and carry it with you for a continued feeling of calm confidence.

Rose Quartz

Of course, self-esteem is only part of the recipe. We must also cultivate self-love.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a powerful crystal for the heart chakra, specifically for manifesting our own true desires. As it also deflects negativity, it’s perfect for honoring ourselves with self-care.

Black Tourmaline

Known for its striking ebony hue and golden speckles, black tourmaline represents the healing fire of Earth’s core.

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

People have often used black tourmaline in grounding rituals, which makes it a potent gemstone for building resilience. It also cleanses your root chakra, allowing you to better resist negative forces.

Red Jasper

Similar to black tourmaline, red jasper is a fiery gemstone associated with motivation and resilience.

Red Jasper
Red Jasper

To honor your inner fire and stand strong against your enemies, carry this “Stone of Endurance” as a talisman.


In medieval times, mystics relied on amethyst as a natural cure and preventative remedy. Soldiers carried amethyst to encourage quick healing and even tempers.

Amethyst Quartz

Thanks to these and other benefits, amethyst came to be known as the “stone of protection.” Today, it is one of the most popular crystals for protection.

Traditional Protective Talismans and Amulets

In addition to crystals, there are many powerful artifacts that ward off malevolent spirits. Here are just a few.

The Evil Eye

It may be a bit of a misnomer, as the evil eye is designed to protect us from evil. This tradition comes from Turkey.

Evil Eye Amulets for sale in Turkey

You’ve likely seen these artifacts, which are bright blue faux eyes. The idea is that malevolent spirits can only harm you if they make eye contact, so these decoys can help keep you safe.

The Beckoning Cat

Also called maneiko neko, the Beckoning Cat sits with one paw raised. The Japanese have long placed the neko in their homes to invite luck and prevent misfortune.

The Beckoning Cat may also be used to protect ourselves against pain and suffering.

Worry Dolls

For centuries, the Maya and their descendants in present-day Guatemala have used worry dolls to relieve anxieties. They symbolize the caring friends who help us become resilient.

Typical Guatemalan dolls

Simply tell each doll one worry, then sleep with them under your pillow. By morning, the dolls will have absorbed and dispelled your fears.

Types of Protection Rituals

Block Negative Energy

We are all susceptible to the myriad energies flowing through our space. Ideally, we live in balance, absorbing positive vibes and releasing anxiety and fear.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, especially in today’s world. Protection rituals and talismans can deflect negative energy that can disrupt our balance.

To perform such rituals, you’ll need crystals with a high potential to capture and reflect negativity. Black tourmaline and black opals are the classic choices.

  • Banish malevolent spirits from your home with beckoning cats or evil eyes.
  • Incorporate gemstones when setting boundaries, such as defining your workspace or establishing your emotional needs.

Cultivate Resilience

We are microcosmic beings that carry all the potential of the universe within our hearts, bodies, and minds. In the kundalini yoga tradition, each chakra is aligned with part of a mighty tree that feeds in energy from the Universe.

Therefore, we can endure and overcome the stress of life when we are in balance. By nurturing our innate talents and passions, we protect ourselves from despair and self-destructive behaviors.

So, resilience is a key part of protection. To cultivate it, choose a crystal or other talisman that speaks to you, then try one of these rituals:

  • Relieve stress with a soothing bath or other self-care activity. Place the talisman on your altar or hold it in your hand.
  • Cleanse your space of negative energy by smudging with palo santo or your herb of choice, then speak affirmations to the talisman.

Ward Off Enemies

We all have enemies, whether toxic people or malevolent forces who want to cause us harm — or perhaps they simply don’t want us to be well.


Conflict is, sadly, a part of life, but you can protect yourself again negative actions such as gossip, sabotage, and insults. Any gemstone that dispels toxic energy can help with this.

In addition to carrying one of those stones — or perhaps an evil eye — as an amulet, you can try the following rituals.

  • Set an intention to lead with light and use red jasper or moonstone to guide your journey.
  • Read tarot cards or meditate with black jade, which can help you avoid toxic people and situations.
  • Surround your workspace or home with black opal to deflect those who would cause your harm.

What should I use to cast a protection spell on?

As with any sort of magick, I recommend that you follow your intuition. A certain traditional gemstone or talisman may speak more clearly to you.

Choose an amulet that makes you feel balanced, connected, and empowered. Those three characteristics will help ward off negative energy.

Just be sure to cleanse any protective crystals regularly. Some, such as black opal, are amazing for deflecting evil but will accumulate negative energy over time.

Above all else, set your intention to lead your life with positivity and wellness. Mother Nature’s gifts will empower you to do so — if you so decide.

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