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Have you ever found yourself searching for something?

Maybe it’s something that you’ve lost, or maybe it’s something that you need. Maybe it’s even someone. Maybe it’s an answer.

For us witchy folk, finding things isn’t as difficult as it is for everyone else.

In fact, we have a simple, magical tool right at our fingertips; pendulum dowsing.

Dowsing is the use of a pendulum to find things; answers, people, water, treasure, objects, etc. Using a pendulum for dowsing is a great way to search for things, to perform divination, healing, read chakras, and clear energies.

Understanding pendulum dowsing helps us on our witch journeys. If you are beginning this art, need a refresher, or you’re simply curious to learn more, stick with me.


A pendulum is an object hanging from something which allows it to freely swing back and forth. Thus, pendulums are aptly named, coming from the latin word which means “hanging down.”

They can be made from basically any string with a weight attached, including a necklace with some sort of pendant or even a piece of yarn that has an object like a cork attached.

However, if you’re like most of us, you’ll prefer to use a crystal as the weight of your pendulum. By using a crystal, you’re able to get the full divantory effect of dowsing, along with the healing and magical properties of the crystal.

In pendulum dowsing, the pendulum is basically a representation of the energies of the earth. This is why it can connect with various elements, making it effective for divination.

The pendulum can also connect with the angelic, giving messages, or answers. In this way, pendulum dowsing can guide us in areas of healing, decision-making, and can provide us with confirmation.

The practice of pendulum dowsing has been prevalent since ancient times and has continued to grow due to the ease in which it is performed and its efficacy. Pendulum dowsing is a form of divination that offers clarity to the witch, removing any ambiguity and providing a clear, decipherable answer.

Getting Started with Pendulum Dowsing

Make Your Pendulum

When you first try pendulum dowsing, you can use any object as the weight of your pendulum.

You may want to choose a crystal that you resonate with deeply, one that you feel connected with. Common crystals used in pendulum dowsing include rose quartz, amethyst, and sodalite.

Get Centered

Create your pendulum and then prepare yourself by taking a moment to center, or ground, yourself. Use breathing techniques or meditation to bring your mind and soul into the moment, opening yourself up to hear from the guiding forces.

Practice Your Hold

Once you feel centered and ready, find a comfortable place to sit and practice holding the pendulum. It’s important to get used to holding it accurately, as little variations such as too much or too little slack, can muddy up your interpretation.

Hold the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger, with your fingers up against the weight. Slowly drop the crystal or other object from your fingers until it begins to move on its own. When this occurs, you have found the proper length.

Discover Your Pendulum’s Communication

Every dowsing pendulum will have its own communication code. This means, it will have a specific way it communicates a particular answer.

Learning the way that your pendulum communicates is important for clarity. You need to be able to accurately interpret the messages that you are being given through the pendulum.

The best way to learn your pendulum’s language is to simply ask. You can clearly ask the pendulum, “what is your yes?” The pendulum will then begin to move in a certain way, which is often clockwise or moving back and forth.

Once you know the yes, you’ll want to ask about a no. Many pendulums will move in a counter-clockwise manner or side to side when indicating “no.”

However, your pendulum could communicate differently, so make sure to keep an eye on its response to your questions.

Ask Your Questions

You have created your pendulum, centered yourself, learned to hold your pendulum, and have discovered its unique communication style. After this basic preparation, it’s time for divination, your pendulum reading.

The best way to get started is to simply ask your questions. Focus on the first thing you want to ask and formulate it into a yes or no question.

Your questions may be about simple topics or more complex topics. Many people use simple questions at first as they begin to get a feel for pendulum dowsing and interpretation.

Once you have asked your first question, focus on the pendulum, keeping your mind on the question and an eye on the pendulum’s movement.

The pendulum may respond right away or it could take a few minutes. Stay focused and wait, the pendulum will begin to move in response to your question.

At this point, it’s essential that you remember your pendulum’s communication code. With this knowledge, you will be able to interpret the answer to your question as the pendulum begins to move.

You will also want to pause between each question that you ask. This gives you and your pendulum a moment to reset, to move on from the last question, and prepare for the next.

Make sure that you stay grounded during the divination process. If you need to pause and center yourself again, take the time to do so.

Receiving divine guidance means that you are open and prepared. People who are stuck in their minds, trying to think, rationalize, or make sense of the guidance they are receiving, will have a barrier against that spiritual realm.

They may not be open to answers, their minds become shut off to the energy and power of pendulum dowsing. Even if they ask questions, they may not be able to accurately interpret the answers.

If you feel your mind wandering or you begin to question the answers you are being given, take the time to meditate and recenter yourself before you ask again. Over time, you will easily be able to find that place of peace and grounding as you enter a time of divination with the pendulum.

Trusting Pendulum Dowsing

Sometimes people object to pendulum dowsing, thinking that it is too simple and therefore, not an effective means of divination. They won’t even bother to give it a try, as they imagine it is more like child’s play than a deep and powerful connection with the divine energies of the universe.

However, pendulum dowsing has proven itself time and again to be an ancient tool that can reach guiding forces and the subconscious mind. From the Bible to the Oracle at Delphi to Homer’s Odyssey, dowsing is an undeniable part of our history.

There’s a reason this simple art has stood the test of time, bringing guidance and answers to those who are open and seeking. As you search for answers on your path and you continue to learn new divination techniques, pendulum dowsing is a tool you will not want to overlook.

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