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When you want to learn how to become a witch, the first thing you do is try to find someone to teach you how to learn basic witchcraft, but becoming a witch is about so much more than that. Embracing the craft will teach you more about yourself and who you can become than anything else in your spiritual awakening.

Witch casts a spell a front of a fire in a mysterious forest

What kinds of witches are there?

There are so many different types of witches, and the great thing is, you get to decide what kind of which you want to become all on your own.

modern day witch
Types of Witches

Gray Witch

Gray witches practice both white and black magic. They don’t just do spells to help, but curses and hexes to harm. Grey witches are all about justice. They want others to pay for their wrongdoings.

Hedge Witch

A hedge witch is a loner witch that focuses on healing remedies with essential oils, herbalism, and nature. Many green witches are also hedge witches.

Green Witch

Green witches are all about the power of nature.

They draw their strength from the elements, from nature, and from animals and plants.  They use these in unison to concoct spells and tinctures.

Cosmic Witch

Cosmic witches are all about the sky. They love moon rituals, manifesting under a full moon, and know what exactly what sign a libra should date.

Crystal Witch

These witches can also be green witches, but they rely solely on the power of crystals.

The energy crystals possess is said to cure all sorts of bad juju.

Water Witch

Water witches pull their power from the sea. They use the ocean, salt, and all it has to offer to enact their actions.

Divination Witch

The divination witch loves their tarot cards, their pendulum, and can’t get enough coin spinning.

They need to know if the answer is yes or no, and you can usually find these witchfluencer witches over on tiktok in #witchtok.

Fortune teller reading a future by tarot cards in the light of candle
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