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Which Mantra Should I Chant for Money? These Money Mantras Will Attract Wealth

Which Mantra Should I Chant for Money? These Money Mantras Will Attract Wealth

Mantras are short phrases that help manifest our desires. They’re an important part of Hindu religious practices and can connect you to higher forces. One popular use is for attracting abundance. I believe there’s no single way of using a money mantra, but I know it works extremely well if you put your heart, mind, and spirit into it.

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Today I will show you which mantra you should chant for money and how to use it properly. I will teach you how to harness its power to help you achieve the level of abundance you desire. It’s important, however, that you do not just chant a mantra nonstop without knowing its meaning. To make it work as a money magnet, you must have the right mindset for drawing prosperity.

What Is a Money Mantra?

Money mantras are positive statements that you say repeatedly and out loud to help you receive financial blessings. They are a great way of shifting your mindset about money and reaching your goals by believing you deserve nothing but abundance.

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A mantra is not a magical tool that works on its own. It works in conjunction with your energy, so it will be difficult to see results if there’s some resistance going on inside you. I’ve heard others complain that their money mantra doesn’t seem to work. This usually happens when you think that the mantra itself holds power when in reality, you have to draw your own power to manifest abundance.

A money mantra can help widen your perspective and discover various opportunities. Remember that abundance comes in many forms. It can show up as a check in the mail, a job offer, or a business idea. You have to trust that the Universe will send you what you need the most in a package that will best serve your soul purpose.

Why Use a Money Mantra?

If you still haven’t tried using money mantras to invite abundance, then this is going to be a game changer for you. These mantras come with great benefits when it comes to increasing your manifesting capacity. You’ll find that you’re more attuned to the law of attraction than ever before — when used correctly, of course.

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When you have an open mind, you’re in sync with the limitless possibilities of the world around you. You believe that the Universe always provides no matter what. Once you find yourself in this positive state of mind, your money mantra will work seamlessly to your advantage.

Money mantras, when chanted regularly, help program the abundance mindset deep into your consciousness. The repetitive nature of mantras creates a meditative state, allowing the brain to welcome positive statements with ease and believe in them more quickly. When your brain is in its mental, intellectual state, you’re more likely to resist the meaning of the words contained in the mantras. This is especially true when you have psychological blocks about money and your overall idea of abundance.

Examples of Money Mantras

You’re probably still wondering which mantra you should chant for money. One great way to start is through tried-and-tested chants that are anchored in Buddhist and Hindu practices. These mantras help you connect to the divine forces that bring wealth and good fortune.

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Buddhist Money Mantra

Chanting the mantra, “Om Vasudhare Svaha,” connects you to the Buddhist earth goddess Vasudhara, whose name is Sanskrit for “stream of gems.” She will shower you with great abundance if you chant this money mantra 108 times. Each chant you utter represents one vital life point that transports you a step closer to the god within you.

Ganesh Money Mantra

This money mantra, “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha,” is dedicated to Ganesh, the elephant-headed Hindu god who is the destroyer of obstacles and brings forth new beginnings. It helps you when you’re faced with big challenges that are hindering you from experiencing abundance. It’s also effective when you’re feeling stagnant in life and are ready for a positive change.

Lakshmi Money Mantra

By chanting the Lakshmi mantra, “Om Shrim Maha Lakshmlyei Swaha,” you greet the Hindu goddess that holds immense wealth and prosperity. It’s a great way to ask for material blessings that will fulfill your heart’s desires. This is also guaranteed to get you quick results if you maintain intense focus.

Making the Most of Money Mantras

I think it’s worth mentioning again that the money mantra in itself is not your tool for power. Mantras cannot stand on their own when you chant them a number of times every day. You also have to evaluate your current beliefs about money to help you make the most of their capacity for bringing you abundance. Here are simple, though not-so-easy, steps for changing any limiting beliefs you may have about money.

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Examine Your Current Money Beliefs

Does your mind operate on scarcity or abundance? Scarcity-based beliefs about money show up in statements like, “Money is the root of all evil” or “I could never afford that.” Abundance-based beliefs are the exact opposite and take on a more positive tone like, “Money is easy” or “I will always have enough money.” If you’re feeling trapped in a scarcity mindset, then it’s time to discover why you have it in the first place.

Recall Your Earliest Memories of Money

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To better understand why you believe money is scarce and not everyone deserves abundance, it’s time to dig deeper into your memories. Ask yourself, “Why have I come to believe this about money in the first place?” You probably developed a poverty mindset growing up, thinking that the blessings you receive are limited — or you probably felt deprived in your youth, feeling like there’s not enough for everyone.

Rewrite Your Limiting Beliefs About Money

I know it’s hard to come to terms with early memories, especially when they are emotionally triggering, but you have to be strong enough to face your past if you really want to change your mindset about money permanently. Believe that the present is what counts now and that it’s time to let abundance in without any apprehension.

Discover the Power of Money Mantras

If you want to start attracting abundance, incorporate mantras into your daily routine. Whether you feel comfortable chanting them in the morning or before bedtime, make sure you have a positive mindset for whichever mantra you should chant for money. You’ll be surprised to know how quickly it works with a well-focused intention.

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