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How You Can Protect Yourself With A Protection Spell While Doing Witchcraft

What is a protection spell?

A protection spell is a classic use of light magic, warding off negative energy and guarding yourself and your loved ones from harm.

As with all forms of magic, protection rituals require clear intention.

You can cast a protection spell using traditional herbs, oils, and stones.

The Complete Guide To Protection Spells

It doesn’t matter if you’re a kitchen witch, a sea witch, a hedge witch, a crystal witch, or any other kind of witch, you need to learn the art of simple protection. Protection and purification spells can deal with unpleasant people, the stressful world, and all kinds of bad energy.

And they aren’t just a good idea. Protection spells are a must for anyone practicing spell work or spell craft of any kind in this modern world– even the most experienced witch. Protection magick is paramount in keeping you and your own positive energy safe.

Maybe you’re dealing with a toxic ex or some other not so great life situation. You never know when you will need a classic protection spell to bring a little divine protection into your life.

Read on to learn the time-honored ingredients in powerful protection spells and how to incorporate them into your practice.

Are protection spells cultural appropriation?

There are certain kinds of protection spells that are considered cultural appropriation.

what is a protection spell

For example, smudging (or saging) is considered to be a part of Native American practices and many of those are considered closed practices.

What is a closed practice?

In witchcraft, a closed practice is when you can only practice that particular kind of magic if you have been invited to. Being born into a practice is the most common way to be invited into it, but there are others, most notably an initiation process of some sort.

When should you do a protection spell?

Any time the energy around an object or in a space feels off. It’s a had feeling to describe, but it’s one that everyone has felt. Sort of like the colors and sounds in the room don’t feel like they normally do.

You should also do a protection spell when you get something new. If you get a new spell book, or crystal you need to clear negative energy on the items with a cleansing spell, and then to keep old negative energies and new negative energies away, you should cast a protection spell on your item.

Many people sew protection runes into their clothes so they can carry them with them in their daily life.

Essential Ingredients for Protection Spells

Through the natural magic of herbs and other things nature provides, protection is easy, quick, and effective. It’s not necessary to keep your incantations and recipes in a good spell book, but it never hurts to start at least a beginner book of shadows in today’s world.

If nothing else, you can start working on a glossary of protective symbols or interesting spells, and at least make a super cool cover design. Remember, if you do start one, try and keep it in a sacred place.

And, as you become a more experienced witch, you can set out to use your new spirit journal in all sorts of cool ways.

Onion Garlands

Onions have long been linked to protection and nourishment. In addition to their health benefits, they cultivate a barrier against malignant energy and entities. 

To create an onion garland for your home, braid twine into the onion stems.

Bunches of onions hanging from the ceiling in a barn

Continue until you have a chain of onions. (This is also a wonderful way to store onions for winter!) With your intention in mind, recite an incantation and you place the onion garland in your home’s entryway.

This casts a potent protection spell to ward off intruders, negative vibes, and harmful events. 


Iron is a powerful element that has provided safety, strength, and fortitude throughout history. Within our bodies, iron allows our blood to carry oxygen throughout our cells.

Scary halloween laboratory

This magical metal is therefore a source of life and protection.

For centuries, people have used iron decorations to protect their homes. Iron is also a popular material in ritual tools such as cauldrons, mortar-and-pestles, and cooking pans.

Horseshoes in particular carry the magic of good fortune and strong defense. Many people hang iron horseshoes on their doors (open end upward) to keep benevolence within the home and malevolence out.


To cast a personal protection spell, draw upon the magical powers of essential oils.

In particular, lavender and mugwort are cherished for their protective properties. Patchouli and hyssop are also extraordinary oils known for their antimicrobial and anti-infestation properties.

Here is a simple recipe to follow:

  • 1/8 cup of base oil
  • 3 drops lavender
  • 4 drops patchouli 
  • 1 drop mugwort
  • 1 drop hyssop 

Use this blend to dress candles you incorporate into your spellwork, to anoint yourself or others, or in diffusers to provide protection for an area. 

Black Salt

Salt circles are a classic way to create a magical barrier against malevolent entities. Black salt in particular is highly effective for home protection. 

As mentioned, iron is a traditional element in protection spells, and it is a key ingredient in black salt. 

To create your black salt, combine the following materials:

  • 2 parts sea salt
  • 1 part scrapings from a cast-iron skillet or cauldron

You may substitute iron for ash from your ceremonial fire pit if you desire.

Once your batch is done, sprinkle it around your home’s perimeter for general protection. You may also cover a candle in your protective oil (see recipe above), dust it with black salt, and cast a banishing spell.


The earth’s minerals yield many protective benefits.

Hematite, amber, carnelian, , black tourmaline or onyx are excellent choices for protection charms and rituals. To cast a protection spell, you may focus your intention onto the stone as you recite your incantation.

A top view image of rose quartz and various energy healing crystals on a white wooden table

Carry the stone with you as an amulet or give it to a loved one.

These stones may also be placed strategically around your home to create a protective barrier. To enhance their power, use them in a protective ritual before you set them up.

Crystals and stones are some of my personal favorite protective objects because you can easily imbue them with different spells and they can really contribute to not only the protection of a home, but it’s beauty, too.

Herbs and Flowers

Ward off evil spirits and promote wellness with protective herbs and flowers.

As mentioned, mugwort is the classic choice. Fennel, garlic, sage, mint, and rosemary also carry potent magic and are associated with wellness, safety, and defense against dark spirits.

Flowers known for their protective properties include rowan, violets, thistle, and honeysuckle.

Fill your gardens with these beautiful plants. Collect blooms to dry; you may then carry the dried petals in sachets for personal protection, or create potpourri (add orris root, black salt, and protection oil for use around your home.

You may also burn the dried petals in your ritual incense burner. 

Performing Your Protection Ritual

Once you’ve prepared all your magical materials, it’s time to cast your protection spell. As always, clear intention is crucial.

So, it’s important to clear your space and mind before you begin setting up boundaries.

First, cleanse your home with a banishing ritual.

You may use a black candle dressed with your protective oil blend or a burner filled with your dried petals. Some people also burn the herbs directly; this is traditionally done with sage and is called smudging.

(Note: white sage is becoming endangered, so please choose farm-grown rather than wild-harvested. Or, use black sage, wormwood, or any of the magical herbs listed above.)

Then, clear your mind of worries.

Focus on your candle, amulet, incense, or whichever altar element you choose. Some people find it helpful to use a singing bowl, bell, or drum to ground themselves.

Create your ritual circle according to your preferred tradition. You may call on the cardinal directions, perform a banishing, or simply pour a line of your black salt on the floor.

Here is a sample cleansing incantation:

“With these herbs, I cleanse this place
So that everyone may enter without haste
With this salt, this place shall start anew
Bad feelings out, away with the blues
As I will, so mote it be!”

Recite your incantation. As always, you may craft your own.

Simply make sure that you call out the malevolent forces you wish to ward off and acknowledge your own true desires and intentions. Invoke your preferred deity to protect you, and affirm your own power in casting the spell.

If you’re imbuing a stone, iron horseshoe, or herb bundle as an amulet, clearly state that intention in your incantation.

Here are some sample stanzas to try:

“I bless and protect this space and everything and anyone who enters.”

“As the air I breathe is purified I surround myself with protection and comfort.”

“May this space be guarded against all dark energies, and may all within keep in wellness and safety.”

“I imbue this amulet with the power to resist dark influences and nourish my good fortune.”

Old gypsy fortune teller holds a coffee cup for fortune telling

A complete protection ritual, then, involves cleansing your space and mind, invoking your chosen deities and energies, and creating new tools for casting further spells. Once you’ve completed your core cleansing and incantation, use your herb bundle, oils, stones, and other materials to set up a barrier or create amulets.

It’s normal for this process to take at least a day or more as you rid yourself of negative energies, establish new boundaries, and bless all the spaces and people you desire.

When to Cast Protection Spells

Protection spells may be used to ward off malevolent energies, dark entities, infection, and illness. However, protection and wellness go hand in hand.

Therefore, you may cast a protection spell even if you do not name a particular enemy or threat. Focus on magical materials that carry nourishing properties and invoke good fortune, such as iron, patchouli, and onyx. 

Man with conceptual spiritual body art

Many people cast new protection spells at the end of a season, whether of the Earth or of their own lives.

Good times to banish dark energies and cultivate good fortune include:

  • Moving into a new house
  • Starting a new job
  • After a breakup, being fired, or another period of high stress
  • Before embarking on a new partnership or relationship
  • When you or family members become ill or are at risk for infection
  • Winter (especially the solstice)
  • Whenever your intuition feels the need

So here’s the thing about protection spells…

Protection magic is simple yet potent. The beauty of this spellwork is that you may craft and customize your practice to your heart’s desire.

Protection spells occur in all spiritual traditions, so you may incorporate the deities, symbolism, and rituals that best resonate with you. Alternately, write your own.

As long as you perform your spells with clear intention and true belief in your power, you can follow your intuition and make your will be so.