The Devil Card in Tarot: Interpretations with the Major Arcana

The interpretation of the Devil card in combination with each of the other Major Arcana cards in a Tarot reading can be as follows:

The Devil
The Devil
  • Devil & The Fool: being tempted to make impulsive and reckless choices.
  • Devil & The Magician: using one’s abilities for negative or manipulative purposes.
  • Devil & The High Priestess: being tempted by hidden desires and temptations.
  • Devil & The Empress: being trapped in negative patterns of behavior and excess.
  • Devil & The Emperor: experiencing power struggles and being controlled by material desires.
  • Devil & The Hierophant: being trapped in limiting beliefs and dogmatic thinking.
  • Devil & The Lovers: experiencing unhealthy or obsessive relationships.
  • Devil & The Chariot: using determination and willpower in a destructive or harmful manner.
  • Devil & Strength: succumbing to negative emotions and impulses instead of using inner strength.
  • Devil & The Hermit: feeling isolated and trapped in negative thoughts and behaviors.
  • Devil & The Wheel of Fortune: experiencing cycles of negative patterns and self-destructive behavior.
  • Devil & Justice: being unjust and lacking morality in decision making.
  • Devil & The Hanged Man: being stuck in negative patterns and unable to break free.
  • Devil & Death: undergoing negative transformations and being trapped in unhealthy cycles.
  • Devil & Temperance: being tempted to overindulge or lose balance in life.
  • Devil & The Tower: experiencing sudden and disruptive events as a result of negative choices.
  • Devil & The Star: losing hope and succumbing to negative thoughts and beliefs.
  • Devil & The Moon: experiencing fear and anxiety as a result of negative influences.
  • Devil & The Sun: feeling restricted and lacking optimism and positivity.
  • Devil & Judgement: facing negative consequences and judgement for past actions.
  • Devil & The World: feeling trapped and limited in the bigger picture.

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