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Are You a Hippie Witch?  

Are you a hippie witch? Maybe. Maybe not. But if you’re not, you can be. 

I called myself a hippie for a long time, and I always got pushback. 

So, how do you know if you’re a hippie witch? 

And if you’re hoping to become one, what do you need to do? 

Fear not. This hippie witch has your answers. 

Signs You’re a Hippie Witch or Lessons to Become One 

You Believe in Free Love

“I’ll just take lovers and have lots of love children like Angelina Jolie or Erykah Badu,” I said this many times to people after a failed marriage in my early twenties. 

I was so sure I would be a wild lover of all men and maybe some women. 

Then my husband came along and made me fall in love with him. 


So, I am a firm believer in free love, as are all hippie witches

It’s just that some of us have coupled up and keep sharing of our bodies to our unions. 

We are still free to love with our hearts and our minds, however. 

You Make Friends

And that’s what I do now. 

I make friends wherever I go. 

And I recognize a kindred spirit when I see one. 

You Enjoy Solitude

At the same time, you don’t need to be around people all the time. 

In fact, you crave solitude quite often and can go take long walks alone or go on a weekend retreat of silence. 

Solitude is a big part of the hippie witch life, as it helps us get to know ourselves better and tune into our intuition. 

You Embrace Your Spirituality

The spiritual life is a hippie witch life. 

You embrace your spirituality in many ways throughout each day by loving others, making friends, and also by meditating, engaging in prayer, and sitting with yourself. 

You Explore Your Spirituality

And you are unafraid to explore your spiritual depths, to confront your darkness, to see where your spirit wants to guide you. 

As a hippie witch, you know that you are a child of the Universe, deeply and intensely loved and held and guided. 

When you confront your own demons, you open yourself up to immeasurable heights of joy and abundance because you have nothing holding you back. 

Now that’s a hippie witch. 

You Create

Hippies are creators at heart. 

We don’t care if we never make money off our creations. 

We create for the sake of creating. 

You’re Not Uptight

You cannot be uptight and be a hippie. 

If you’re uptight, maybe that’s what attracts you to the hippie-witch lifestyle. 

You know you need to chill out, and you haven’t figured out how. 


You literally have to actively work on relaxing. 

Meditate, take warm baths, read lighthearted books, minimize your life, whatever you have to do to get relaxed. 

Then, you can get more laid back about life in general. 

You can start to see that every single moment you live in is perfect, just as it is. 

And you can surrender to it. 

You Love Nature

A hippie witch is a lover of nature

She walks barefoot on the earth, eats lots of plants and pasture-raised meats, includes lots of herbs and spices in her diet, and gets outside outside outside. 

You Love the Arts

Yes! You have to listen to music, read books, watch films, read poetry, go to museums, and enjoy the arts as much as you can. 

The arts are what make us human. 

And hippies are the epitome of being human. 

You Sleeeeeeep

A hippie witch is not stressed out to the max, underslept, underfed, overworked, hustling, and grinding. 

She is chilling on her couch with her pets and her kids. 

She is snuggled under a blanket with a good book on a rainy day. 

Sure, she works, and she does work she loves, but she takes much more time for play and rest than she does for work. 

So get your 8 or 9 hours. 

Every night. 

You Go Your Own Way

You’re not afraid to part with the crowd. 

Indeed, as Mark Twain said, “when you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” 

A hippie witch notices when the crowd is all headed in one direction and asks questions. 

You Love Yourself

All of yourself. 

You love your body, and you love your mind, you love your soul. 

And you love pleasure. 

You revel in the feelings of pleasure, good food, good movement, and good sex. 

You treat yourself, take care of yourself, and set firm boundaries so that others cannot abuse you. 

You Are Accepting of Others

Hippies are super tolerant and expect tolerance in return

You accept other points of view, and you support free speech and freedom of belief. 

You basically live and let live. 

You Don’t Trust the Government

This mistrust is inherent to the hippie lifestyle and way of thinking. 

You understand that large governments, anything larger than a small town or tribal government, are by definition controlling and seeking of more power. 

This does not mean that the government does not think it is doing what is in the best interest of the people; on the contrary, most governments are patriarchal and genuinely feel if the people would follow their leadership, everything would be fine. 

The problem is that hippies value freedom above all else, not conformity.  

And those two typically do not go together. 

So, when the government passes laws and mandates, we ask questions. 

You Don’t Trust Modern Medicine

Because medicine in the United States is a for-profit industry, and the number three cause of death in this country is medical malpractice, we ask questions. 

Because we know pharmaceuticals often do more harm than good, when natural remedies could do good without side effects, we ask questions. 

Hippies are naturally mistrustful of the medical industry in this country for good reason. 

You Work on Self-Healing

To that end, hippie witches are actively working on self-healing. 

Because we know that unless there is an acute emergency or we need surgery or vaccines, we are best off when we avoid medical institutions. 

So, we study self-healing practices, we eat well, we move our bodies, we work on prevention, and we learn what herbs and spices work with our bodies and how to administer them. 

You Dance

And, of course, you dance. 

And you dance and dance and dance. 

A hippie witch embraces movement, embraces the rhythms of nature, embraces her connection to the earth and to the other living creatures upon it. 

We dance under the moon; we dance in our kitchens; we dance any chance we get. 

And we invite anyone willing to join us to jump in and dance with us. 

In the end, a hippie witch is all of these things and more, and she is each of these things to various degrees. 

You might start out only one or two, maybe three or four of these things, and you might find yourself venturing into the other territories gradually, finding your interest expanding over time. 

The hippie witch lifestyle is a lifelong journey into the soul, into freedom, into love, into tolerance, and most of all, into building an entirely new community of like-minded people, people who will create our own realities, who will come together in life and love and tolerance. 

And we will slowly but surely build our little communities with our neighbors who ranch cows while we grow our own veggies, our other neighbors who provide fresh herbs, and so on.

That, truly, is our long-term plan of us peace, love, and light hippie witches. 

Sign up now. 

Happy manifesting!

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