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How to Read Auras 

How to Read Auras 

Learning how to read auras is a process, and how quickly or how slowly you go in this process depends on how open you are to it.  

First, you must understand what an aura is.  

Next, you have to learn to harness your psychic powers.  

Then, you can learn to read auras and help others with your readings.  

Finally, you must learn to cleanse your own aura.  

Let’s begin. 

What Is an Aura?  

An aura is an energetic field a person carries with them.  

Everyone has an aura.  

Most of our aura is permanent.  

Some of our aura can shift based on what is happening in our lives or a strong mood or emotion.  

Why does everyone have an aura?  

Well, just like everyone has a physical body, everyone also has an energetic body.  

It is the energy you came into this human form with and that you will take with you into the Universe when you die and then carry into your next life and your next.  

Your energy is shaped both by all of your past experiences in human lifetimes as well as by this particular human lifetime.  

In this life, we are shaped most strongly by what happens to us from birth to age 7, when our subconscious is recording everything around us. But we are also shaped by any major events and traumas that occur later in life.  

The thing to remember is that most of those events and traumas are played out as a result of those early experiences.  

Think of it this way: before you came into this life, you were one with Source Energy.  

The primary goal of Source Energy is to expand. 

You set your intentions for this human life based on that goal.  

How can you, in this human life, best contribute to the expansion of the Universe, given your human limitations?  

Knowing, also, that the primary drive for all humans is to feel good.  

It’s true.  

Our primary motivation for all things as humans is to feel good.  

Now, in your spirit form, you know this, as you know everything, and you can foresee all potential outcomes and consequences for all potential actions.  

With this in mind, you set intentions for this human life, and those intentions with you into this human life.  

Those intentions then determine your place and time of birth, your parents, your biological sex, the color of your skin, your country of origin, and so on and so forth.  

Thus, you bring your spiritual energy with you into this life, and then you are shaped by those early human experiences.  

Your aura is a reflection of those energies.  

Then, when you are feeling strong, bold, and confident, fully in your power, your aura shows up as strong and bold.  

When you are listless, hung over, down, out of energy, your aura will show up as weak and faded.  

Often, when you are going through something, you carry energy in your aura that is out of place.  

You may be in a job you hate, doing something against your wishes, or otherwise blocking yourself. That will show up in your aura.  

Typically, auras show up as colors to people who read them, but it is not always thus.  

I am a claircognizant witch, which means I just know things, and I read auras through pure energy, emotion, and vibration.  

I am a writer, so my readings are all expressed with language rather than color.  

I would venture to speculate that most aura readers who see colors are clairvoyants – they can see energy rather than simply know it like me.  

Harness Your Psychic Powers 

To read auras, you first need to harness your psychic powers.  

Mat Auryn gives thorough instruction on how to do this in his book Psychic Witch.  

Essentially, you will need to tap into your higher consciousness.  

As Auryn explains it, we are all born with supernatural senses in the same way we are born with our natural senses.  

Barring disabilities, we can all see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.  

Likewise, we are all, to some degree or another, clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairaudient.  

We can see, know, feel, and hear things outside of the natural world.  

Know that while we call it supernatural, it is the most natural thing there is.  

We are all born with these abilities that go beyond the physical senses, but we shut them down over time as our parents and others tell us they are not real, and we don’t use them.  

But we always have access to them, and we can always flex and strengthen those muscles.  

Meditation is the best way to begin to access those powers, and the trick is to be completely open, surrender to the divine, and trust that you are safe.  

There is nothing scary about opening up to your powers.  

There is no dark magic to worry about.  

You are not tapping into anything evil.  

I say this because opening up to your powers can feel a bit disconcerting at times.  

Your subconscious mind wants to reject any change or any opening up.  

It has been driving you on autopilot for your whole life, and it will put up great resistance to tapping into your powers and living more consciously.  

You must persist, and do not resist.  

Every time you feel yourself resisting, get soft, get gentle, relax, assure yourself you are safe.  

Meditate, sink into your higher consciousness, and ask for guidance from your higher self.  

What are my gifts? How can I be of service? What is my divine purpose?  

As you become clearer on the answers to your questions, you will get clearer on your own aura, your own energy, and from there, you can begin to read others.  

How to Read Auras 

Remember, a person’s aura is just their energy field. 

If you cannot see it in color, you can still tap into their energy field.  

You can read what Eckart Tolle calls the pain body of someone else, you can feel if they are open or closed, empathetic or angry, narcissistic or loving, aware and awake or asleep and on autopilot.  

You can often read all of this before the person even speaks.  

When they speak, language often interferes with a reading because your thinking mind takes over.  

You are not using your thinking mind when you read auras. You are using your energetic compass.  

Get really good at getting really clear on energy, not words.  

People can fool you with words. They cannot fool you with energy.  

And it is also important to remember that, at our core, we are all loving, pure, light beings.  

You can know that while also reading the pain body someone is walking around with, witness the pain they have endured, the pain they have caused, or both, as well as the gifts they have, the ones they block, and why.  

If you are clairvoyant and can see color, you can begin to read auras that way.  

The colors of a person’s aura will show up as a rainbow of sorts because we all carry multiple energies. 

Typically, you will see two primary colors, the ones we come into this life with, and then you might see temporary colors or pain body colors that have shaped us or are shaping us.  


A yellow aura is carried by an inquisitive, busy, curious person who is highly scheduled and practical. Usually around incredibly intelligent people.  


Green is healing energy, so you will see it around helpers, healers, caretakers, and those deeply in touch with their divine feminine.  


Purple energy is creative, artistic, emotional, and intuitive. Spirituality plays a huge role in these people’s lives, and they are often in artistic professions or teaching art to others.  


Red auras speak to the material realm; these are the doers. Strong, assertive leaders typically have red auras.  


In stark contrast to the red aura, the blue is easy going, compassionate, and selfless. They are nurses, teachers, and often absorb other’s emotions.  


Peaches, oranges, and pinks are our communal auras. They create, bring people together, and form bonds and connections everywhere they go.  

Cleanse Your Aura 

Be sure once you start your psychic work that you remember to care deeply for yourself.  

It can become very easy to use your powers to help others and forget to help yourself.  

Cleanse your aura at the end of every day by stepping barefoot into the grass or dirt and allowing the earth to remove all of your extra electrical charge.  

Some prefer to cleanse and recharge with crystals, water, or even lighting a fire, which is all well and good, but I would recommend doing those cleansings in concert with physical earthing.  

We become consumed by the world around us, and when we step into the roles of psychic helper and healer, we can quickly become inundated with the emotions and troubles of others.  

You cannot pour from an empty vessel, so ground and cleanse at the end of each day before climbing into bed for a night of restful, recharging sleep.  

Happy manifesting!