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Aura Colors and Their Meanings 

Understanding aura colors is a critical component to becoming intuitive, more empathic, and a helper or facilitator. 

Furthermore, we often think of seeing aura colors as exclusive to clairvoyants, or those who can see beyond the veil or the natural world, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

You don’t have to see aura colors. You can feel them. You can recognize them. You can know them. 

You might simply associate someone naturally with a specific color. This is your innate ability to “see” aura colors. 

It does not have to be a literal sight you see with your eyes. 

We all “see” in different ways. 

The important thing is to know that everything is energy, so when you are “seeing” aura colors, you are seeing energy. 

Everything Is Energy

The entire universe is composed of energy, and all energy emanates from a single source, the higher consciousness of which we are all a part, which is the original creator, from which we all come, to which we are all connected, and to which we will all return. 

From a purely logical perspective, it can be no other way. 

In the beginning, there was energy. 

That energy created more energy exponentially, which created planets, suns, moons, bodies of water, life on those planets, skies, atmospheres, everything. 

How do we know that energy is a consciousness? 

Because we have consciousness, and something cannot come from nothing. 

If you think about it, it really is a fascinating unfolding from pure consciousness to life forms to a life form that also has consciousness. 

Billions of years of existence as a pure consciousness that manifested a natural evolution which led to humans, the most evolved living organism in terms of consciousness. 

We must necessarily be dealing then with a consciousness, an energy, that is infinite in power, in wisdom and knowledge, and in patience. 

Each of us is a drop of that consciousness. 

But that drop contains the vastness of the Universe, all the power, wisdom, and patience, contained in our inner being, which is the consciousness driving our human vessels, behind our human minds

Before we came into these human vessels, we were pure spirit form, those drops uncontained, and we have lived thousands of lives before this one. 

With all of that experience and infiniteness, we set intentions for this one life – intentions which in turn determined our place and date of birth, our parents, our ethnic origin, our biological sex, and our basic personalities and characteristics. 

The Chakras and Their Colors

In her book The Anatomy of the Spirit, intuitive healer Caroline Myss notes that our chakras represent energetic areas where our spirits, our minds, and our physical bodies all intersect and connect. 

All of that energy from which we come, pooled into rough areas of meaning in our life, how we connect, to whom we connect, our relationships with both the earth, which makes up our material form, and the Universal intelligence, which makes up our truest selves. 

A blocked chakra can reveal physical illness that can be healed by spiritual awakening and cleansing. 

There is an emotional and spiritual component to all illness and wellness. 

And need to remain in touch with it all. 

When we understand the chakras, and the colors that have historically been connected to their energies, then we can understand the auras and the colors we associate with them, because an aura reading is just an energetic reading, which stems from an understanding of the chakras. 


Crown Chakra – Violet or Purple

The crown chakra is the location of your direct connection to the divine, the Universe, your higher self. It is from here you receive your psychic downloads and dynamic thoughts. 

When you are intuitive, you have a strong crown chakra. 

Third Eye Chakra – Indigo

The third eye chakra is a mix of purple and blue, an indigo, and it is the location of your psychic sight, the ability to see Universal truths in the material world. 

Someone who is claircognizant, someone who just knows things, typically has a strong third eye chakra. 

Throat Chakra – Blue

The throat chakra is responsible for your ability to communicate, to speak truth, and to express yourself clearly. 

Blue is calming and gentle, and someone able to be creative and mindful has a strong throat chakra. 

Heart Chakra – Green

The heart chakra is the central focal point between the higher chakras, which are connected to the Universe, and the lower chakras, which are connected to the material world. 

Someone with a strong heart chakra is deeply self-loving and exudes compassion and empathy for others. 

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow

Solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra is associated with your gut feelings and your digestive system. Those two cannot be disconnected from each other. 

Someone with a strong sense of self who trusts their gut will have a strong solar plexus chakra. 

Sacral Chakra – Orange

The sacral chakra is where all of your physical desires, urges, and needs are found. It is warm, inviting, and encouraging, as well as creative. 

Someone deeply in touch with their divine feminine has a strong sacral chakra. 

Root Chakra – Red

The root chakra is your direct connection to the earth and all of life on earth. 

It tells us to sit, be still, connect, and listen. It is also the home for all of your physical energy. 

Someone who is energetic yet grounded and mindful has a strong root chakra. 

Aura Colors and Their Meanings

With the chakras and their colors in mind, you can see how the aura colors are connected to energies.


A person with a lot of red in their aura is both energetic and grounded, deeply in touch with the physical world and all of life on earth, ready to engage with it all. 


An orange aura represents someone in touch with their sexuality and creativity. You will find orange on people who are sensual, lovers of life and must experience everything for themselves. 


Yellow is most closely related to the solar plexus chakra and is sunny, positive, and outgoing. People with clear solar plexus chakras are full of self-confidence and joy in life. 

Expect to see someone who is truly empowered surrounded by yellow. 


Someone with a green aura is fully in their heart space, compassionate, empathetic, self-loving, and with firm and clear boundaries. 

They likely spend a lot of time in nature and love the arts, being free, and being in love. 


Pink is another heart chakra color, often seen along with green, showing those who live from their hearts. 

If you see a pink aura, the heart chakra is open, receptive, and this person is loving and caring. 


A blue aura shows you someone who has a powerful mind and intellect, in touch with the mental realms, and likely lives an above the neck life. 

Blue is the color of the throat chakra, so expect a clear blue aura to reveal someone who has no trouble expressing themselves, someone not hiding anything and very transparent with their thoughts and feelings. 


Our strongly intuitive, perceptive, and wise people have strong indigo auras, the color of the third eye chakra. 

People with indigo auras likely often have intense psychic abilities


Like indigo, purple in the aura often designates mystical abilities. The color of the crown chakras, this is the highest energetic frequency we have, the connection to the divine. 

Our prophets, mystics, and even great philosophers have purple auras. 


White in the aura is often associated with quick energy, someone with a quick mind, nervous energy, and a sense of perfectionism. You might see white in an anxious person or someone with a type A personality. 

At the same time, white is also associated with the crown chakra, so those with lots of white are usually connected to their higher selves. 


Black is not an aura color, it is a sign of blockage. 

Someone with a lot of black is usually fatigued or exhausted and needs to take a lot of time to rest and reset. 

Take time to ground, heal, and balance energy. 

By the time you have black in your aura, you are past the point of a simple weekend off. 


Rainbow auras are rare in full grown adults and usually represent a period of transition, transformation, or growth. 

If you are feeling extra energized and confident, your rainbow aura is saying “go!”

In the end, you will want to take aura readings in context to the person, their ability to open up to their universal messages, and the place in their life they are living now. 

Our primary colors do not usually change, though they can if we concentrate enough on our healing processes, but the secondary colors often speak to where we are in our current journey. 

It is meant to be a guide, nothing to fear or worry about. 

Have fun with aura colors.

Happy manifesting!

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