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What Are the Signs of a High Vibration?

What are the signs of a high vibration? High vibrations are not easy to find these days. Everyone seems to be upset, worried, stressed, angry, or depressed. Or just, sleepwalking through life.  

For those of us trying to “find the others,” it is helpful to know what we are looking for.  

It is also helpful to keep ourselves in check, so we can make sure our own vibrations are high.  

What Is a High Vibration? 

The signs of a high vibration are easy to recognize once you know what you’re looking for.  

But what even is a high vibration, and why should you go looking for it?  

To start, let’s talk about vibration.  

Whenever we talk about spirituality at its core, we must talk about energy.  

I heard this great argument by the comedian Ricky Gervais recently on why he’s an atheist. 

He was on a podcast with Russel Brand, who is deeply spiritual and who was noting that Ricky actually seemed like a spiritual person in some ways, so how could he not believe in God?  

And Ricky said that if when we talked about God, we instead talked about Nature, about a neutral energy that connects us all, that has no will of its own, that is never trying to impose, reward, or punish, so many more people would be on board.  

Indeed, so many fewer people would be atheists.  

And I thought it was the perfect way to describe the Universe.  

Understanding God in this way is what made me stop calling myself an atheist.  

I realized I did in fact believe in God, just not the God that everyone else seemed to believe in.  

Energy Is Everything 

You see, I’m just too logical to believe in that vengeful, fickle, preferential God. It makes no sense.  

There is no sense in the idea that God would have a chosen people among all of his creations.  

It makes no sense that God would wipe out humanity with a flood because they were too… human. 

It makes no sense that God would allow some children to die but miraculously save others.  

There are as many, if not more, illogical stories in the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim holy books (these are the big three religions, and they all believe in the same god – the god of Abraham) than there are in Greek and Roman mythology.  

This is a god created in the image of man.  

What does make sense is why man created that image, that god.  

Life happens, things happen, and we imagine ourselves helpless victims of those things, and we need to create stories in order to understand it all.  

There are also events that take place that are beyond our control – natural disasters, deaths of our children, sudden illness, unlikely triumphs and devastating failures – and we need to apply order and reason to those things.  

So we make up stories to find meaning.  

And the stories that come from the Jewish faith, that bled into the Christian faith, and then into the Muslim faith, provide that meaning for millions if not billions of people.  

Humans need meaning.  

But the reality is that we are the makers of meaning.  

That “god” is merely energy.  

That everything is merely and profoundly energy.  

We Are the Gods We Have Been Waiting for 

It makes no logical sense that we are born as a result of some purely scientific evolutionary process, that we are merely meat suits, and that when we die nothing happens.  

There is far too large a body of evidence that we are energetically connected to everything else.  

Einstein proved that everything is made up of energy, that everything on earth, and in fact everything in the known universe is vibrating, even what looks like solid matter is vibrating, just at such a slow rate that it looks solid to us.  

This reality tells us that, if everything is energy, then everything is energy, and everything has always been energy, and energy begets energy.  

Which means God is energy, God created us, and we are little mini gods.  

In contrast to man making God in his own image, God created us in its own image.  

We are the gods we have been waiting for. I like to call us “god drops.”  

We are products of the energy that created the entire universe. Indeed, we are the energy that created the entire universe.  

And we are vibrating.  

We are always vibrating, like everything else.  

Signs of High Vibration: Low Vibration People Are Resisting Flow 

People with low vibrations are the slower, sadder, negative, darker, blocked, resistant people who do not allow themselves to align with their higher selves.  

Abraham Hicks explains that we can never cut ourselves off completely from our higher selves, from Source Energy, but we can stretch that connection so far, like a rubber band, that we barely feel it.  

While Source Energy is always available to us, we can resist that flow of energy, keeping our own energy low, which slows down our vibration.  

Signs of High Vibration: High Vibration People Are in Flow 

In contrast, high vibration people are in flow, they are not resistant, they are able to remain present more often than the rest of us, and they step into alignment with the Universe again and again.  

It is normal for us to be out of alignment, for us to get temporarily blocked or shocked by negative contrast that comes into our lives.  

Contrast is merely an opportunity for us to see what we don’t want so we can see what we do want.  

High vibration people understand this, use contrast as a pivot point, and aim always for a higher vibration.  

To be clear, high vibration people make up a very small percentage of the world population, Abraham Hicks has it at about 3%, but that is still a large number of people.  

And you must remember that it is not your job to convert anyone to high vibration, only to live in high vibration as much as you can and “find the others.”  

So, how do you find the others?  

What Are the Signs of High Vibration?  

High vibration people are working first and foremost on themselves.  

That is the number one sign of a high vibration – someone who is humble, loving, kind, and open.  

When someone is doing personal development work, they are learning to love themselves, which means forgiving themselves, being slow to anger and quick to listen, hear, and hold space.  

They follow the golden rule, to do unto others as you would have done unto you.  

You can see this self-love and personal development reflected in someone’s curiosity, someone who asks questions, someone who is engaged.  

All of these qualities are very different from someone who seems like they love themselves, but they are really trapped in an ego space that is focused on attention seeking or separating themselves from others.  

The ego divides and creates hierarchies of power through performative actions.  

So, for example, you can see someone who claims to be a Christian, or someone who proclaims Liberal values, giving at church, voting for progress, but when it comes to real life situations, they are actually not interested in the real people in their communities, they do not hold conversations with people different from them, and they do not want to have to see the realities of people they consider beneath them.  

They will, in essence, throw money at a problem without ever getting to know the people they are throwing money at.  

A high vibration person has empathy and compassion, will hold conversations with everyone they come across, and will take the energetic reading of someone before passing judgment.  

They are willing to be wrong, they are accepting of “sinners,” and they understand that to sin merely means to miss the mark.  

They live by the adage “there but for the grace of God go I.” 

Another classic sign of a high vibration person or even a high vibration event or location is that you just feel good when you are around them.  

This feeling takes some getting used to because most of us don’t know how to differentiate between a truly good, God, feeling and temporary good feelings we get from dopamine hits that come from drugs, sugar, risky behaviors, crappy food, and alcohol.  

It is a moral compass you will have to learn to navigate and work with.  

You are always asking the question, is this in my highest good?  

And then you follow that good feeling.  

It is the good feeling that lasts.  

When you learn what those feelings feel like, you can identify high vibration people, events, and locations; even books, movies, and music all give off vibrations.  

Finally, energy attracts energy, and like attracts like, so if you are working on holding high vibrations, other people with high vibrations will be attracted to you.  

It will be a mutual attraction based on divine timing.  

So you will know a high vibration person by their attraction to you when you are in high vibe mode.  

Someone not in high vibration mode will be repelled by you, and you can thank all the gods for that.  

Happy manifesting! 

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