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How To Use Law of Attraction Cards To Get Whatever You Want

Even if you’re not into spiritual and metaphysical stuff, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about tarot cards and the law of attraction.

Of course, the common misunderstanding about tarot cards is that they can predict the future.

Not exactly! I just want to put it out there that tarot cards are more like guides — they give insight into the past, present, and future so that you can make better decisions and move in the right direction.

How To Use Law of Attraction Cards

Ultimately, you’re in charge of your fate, and no amount of readings can change an unwanted outcome if you don’t take positive action.

Tarot cards might probably be the most popular type of cards when it comes to spirituality, but did you know that there are also Law of Attraction cards?

Yes! Law of Attraction cards exist! They can be pretty helpful in manifesting, but what do they do and how do you use them?

What Are Law of Attraction Cards?

The Law of Attraction Cards is a 60-card deck created by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

The information on these cards are based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks, who is actually the original source for the Law of Attraction and the inspiration for the best-selling book, “The Secret.”

How To Use Law of Attraction Cards

One important thing to remember is that Law of Attraction cards shouldn’t be confused for tarot or oracle decks. As the name suggests, these cards are more about making the Law of Attraction work in your favor and aren’t really for reading into the past, present, and future.

They aren’t meant to give insight into your questions, but are more about helping in visualizations and meditations.

How To Use Law of Attraction Cards

The way the Law of Attraction cards look gives you a pretty good idea of how to use them. In case you haven’t seen these cards, I’ll describe what they look like: the front sides feature wonderful, hand-drawn images with a short message or affirmation.

Meanwhile, the back sides contain an expanded message that can broaden your awareness or understanding of the message written on the front.

Law of Attraction Cards

That said, using Law of Attraction cards can differ from one person to the next. In my case, here are the three ways I’ve found to be most effective and enlightening. Don’t hesitate to try this out with your own deck!

Read Them for Daily Affirmations

Like I mentioned, Law of Attraction cards work really well as daily affirmations. I imagine that first-time owners of this deck have read one card per day and used them as affirmations — and it totally helps!

Here, I’m talking about the short messages on the front side. Here are some examples of the nuggets of wisdom and positivity you can find on the Law of Attraction cards:

  • “To the Degree I am Happy, I am Successful.”
  • “There Is Nothing I Cannot Be, Do, or Have.”
  • “Every Morning for 30 Days, I Will Intentionally Intend.”

As you can see, these can also work as mantras or as guides for positive action that you can take. This can help you draw in the energies of the Universe and even speed up manifesting.

Each message is uplifting, giving you the boost you need to shift your energy towards a more positive vibration. I’ve found that Law of Attraction cards are best read in the morning to really set your day in the right direction.

Use Them for Journaling or Law of Attraction Scripting

When it comes to visualizations, journaling or Law of Attraction scripting are techniques that can help clarify your intentions and desires. As you may already know, it’s totally important to be clear about what you want to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

With some daily journaling, you can reflect on your day and have a clearer perspective on what you want to manifest. On the other hand, scripting can let you envision the life you desire as if you’re already living it!

Here, you can use the Law of Attraction cards to add to your daily journals or script. Whenever I feel like I don’t know what to write in my journal or I’m losing track of what I really want, I shuffle the deck, pull up a card, and read the message.

This simple but powerful activity helps me realign with my intentions and center myself towards the really important things I want to manifest.

Meditate on the Card’s Message

Now this one’s pretty self-explanatory: you can shuffle one of the Law of Attraction cards and meditate on its message. You can do this for both the messages on the front and back sides.

I’d suggest reading both before meditating, so you can get a deeper sense of what the card is trying to say and how it can impact your life.

The best part is, every time you read a card, it feels like you’re rediscovering the message but also getting more clarity about it!

Again, this is best done in the mornings as it can help set your day and center your focus towards gratitude and abundance.

Reflect, Clarify, and Take Action

Now that you know how to use Law of Attraction cards, consider adding them to your collection!

They’re great when you need affirmations, and they can even inspire your Law of Attraction script.

Each message is full of wisdom and positivity, which you can reflect on to give more clarity to your intentions and goals.

With these Law of Attraction cards, you’ll find it easier to take the steps you need toward a more fulfilling life!

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