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Money Magic: Best Money Jar Spell 

A money jar spell is a wonderful way to practice your magic, and it can work rather quickly if you are in the right frame of mind. 

The first and most important thing then is to get into the right frame of mind. 

Money Jar Spell: Lack or Abundance

Most people on earth operate from a lack mindset, which is why we never seem to have enough. 

Of anything. 

We always need more. 

Need being the essential word here. 

If you are one of the many, many people who live from a place of lack, it is time to change your mind.

How do you do this? 

Change Your Mind


Well, first, you must meditate. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza outlines a beautiful meditation in his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. 

You simply sit every morning for 20 minutes and do a full body scan. 

Do this before you do anything else of import in your day. 

Wake up, brush your teeth and scrape your tongue, drink a full grass of water with a splash of lemon, make your bed, do some gentle yoga to wake yourself up, and then lie on your mat for 20 minutes. 

As you set your timer, allow yourself to go gently through each body part, from your head to your toes, visualizing them as you scan down, picturing yourself whole and healthy. 

Once you have finished this scan, picture your whole body in the room you lie in. 

Then picture the room in the house. 

Then picture your house in the world. 

There you are, a small speck of earthly spirit dust on the earth, so small yet so powerful. 

Then, allow yourself to sink into your deeper self, your higher consciousness, call yourself back to yourself. 

When you feel this connection, it is unlike anything else you will ever feel, a gentle tug, a vibrational pull that lets you know you are not alone. 


You are always being lovingly held by an infinitely wise and powerful universe. 

When you come out of meditation, journal. 



Journal on how much power you have, how loved you are, and how much you have. 

This last piece is a critical component of abundance. 

Understanding that we live in an abundant universe is elemental to manifesting more money into your life. 

Look around you. 

A great way to start is to list out all the things you have in your life

You likely have friends and family who love you dearly. 


You may have plenty of work in your life. Don’t we all? 


Do you have plenty of food? Shelter? 


How about nice weather? 


Your health? 


Once you recognize just how much you do have, you can step into a space of gratitude for that. 

Gratitude is a huge contributor to furthering your abundance. 

The law of attraction states that you attract what you are. 

When you see yourself as truly rich in so many ways, the universe will send you still more evidence of abundance. 

Like money. That’s the key to your money jar spell

Journal only the truth, only things you really believe, and then go on throughout your day with that abundance mindset. 

Surprised and Delighted

As you prepare for bed each night, say a little prayer of gratitude, and remind yourself that you are always willing to be surprised and delighted by the Universe. 

Remember, the Universe has a much better imagination than you do. 

It can see all things, all outcomes, and all consequences. 

And it can deliver on every single thing you ask for. 

Your goal is to trust it to know so much better than you do.

If you are asking from a place of lack, the universe only hears lack.

If you say, “I need $50” what the Universe hears is “I don’t have enough.”

And it delivers more “not enough.” 

Every time. 

You must say “I accept the money coming to me, and I am excited to see how it arrives.”

That energy says, “I trust the Universe to continue to send me abundance, and I am not trying to control the manner in which it arrives.”

If you are manipulating the means of arrival, you do not trust the Universe. 

The single most important part of any spell is faith. 

You must have words, ways, and will. 

But you must always have faith that those elements will come together and give you what you want. 

It is up to you to release all resistance and “be as a child” as Jesus says. 

Be open and eager, excited and thrilled for what your money jar spell can produce. 

Be Generous

How can you show the Universe how much faith you have? In literal, physical ways? 


Give what you do have in abundance. 

You have love. 

Give it. 

You have time. 

Give it. 

You have wisdom. 

Share it. 

You have so much to give. 

Develop the kind of traits that allow you to become a generous and giving person, and those traits will be rewarded in greater abundance. 

You always have enough. 

Show the Universe that you know that. 

This is not a prescription for self-sacrifice or altruism. 

I am not telling you to give what you do not have, to go into debt giving others stuff, or to kill yourself working overtime and burning the candle at both ends to give at your job. 

It’s not about hard work. It’s never about hard work. 

And it’s not about self-sacrifice. 

You are not a martyr. 

Self-sacrifice is only more lack mindset. 

Sit in your peaceful place and examine ways you can give freely, with love, from your heart. 

Do more of that. 

Money Jar Spell

Now you have paved the path for your money jar spell. 

The point of putting a spell in a jar is to contain your creation in an orderly fashion, a way that brings all your hopes together, emphasizes your will, and displays your intentions. 

For a money jar spell, you will need: 

A jar with a lid

A coin or bill from your currency (as an example of how you want your spell manifested)

Brown paper to write on (an element of the earth)

A gold pen (for manifestation energy)

A spoonful of sugar (to sweeten the deal)

A bay leaf, basil, and cinnamon (for wealth energy)

A green candle (abundance energy)

For your spell, write down what you expect in the most general terms you can. Remember, you want to allow the Universe to surprise and delight you. 

If you ask for $50, you are limiting yourself and your vision. 

If you ask for a million dollars, you likely will not believe you can ever get it, so your spell will not have the proper will or manifestation energy. 

Write a spell for monetary abundance. Something like this: 

“I live in abundance,

From the sea to the hills

I am ready for more

In the form of bills

Money is coming

Directly to me

As I will it

So mote it be.” 

Write your spell on brown paper with your gold pen. 

Under a new moon, for new beginnings, take all of your ingredients outside, speak your spell into the Universe, and place all ingredients into the jar. 

Begin with a sugar foundation, then add the spices and herbs, then your paper with the spell on it. 

Then, you can light your green candle and sit in meditation on your spell for five to ten minutes. 

At this point, you can either seal your jar with green wax and bury it or keep it on your shelf in your house. 

Burying signifies trust that the Universe is on the job. 

Keeping it in your house is a reminder of how much faith you have in the Universe. 

Keep the jar until your spell works. 

Your only job now is to trust the Universe. 

Which, honestly, is your biggest job. 

Doubt will creep in, voices in your head will convince you this is silly, if you tell friends and family they may politely smile and nod. 

It is up to you to continue with your faith. 

Continue to practice the new practices listed above. 


Be grateful. 

Change your mind. 

The less resistance you put up, the more quickly your spell will come true

The reality is, after all, that we don’t create abundance. 

Abundance is all around us. 

We create limitations on that abundance. 

So release them. 

Work on letting go. 

On trusting. 

On living like a truly magical witch

The most powerful step you can take toward this path is to meditate daily, so don’t forget to meditate.

Each time you meditate, you form that connection to your higher consciousness, and each time you connect, you can open up a bit more, release your blocks a bit more, and see the financial wealth a bit more. 

Before you know it, you’ll be rolling in the dough. 

Happy manifesting!

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