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How To Use A Chakra Pendulum

How To Use A Chakra Pendulum

A chakra pendulum is one of the most popular divination tools anyone uses, from beginners to skilled dowsers.

This tool can be used in numerous ways.

It is often used to connect with your higher self and find solutions and answers to your most burning questions.

Choosing a Pendulum

As with any divination or healing tool, choosing a chakra pendulum, you feel attracted to is vital. You do not need an expensive pendulum for it to work well for you, but you will want one that feels right energetically.

When choosing your chakra pendulum, hold it in your hand and close your eyes. Tune into how it feels energetically. Notice the subtle vibrations.

Does it feel like something you’d want hanging around your neck during the day?

Do you get a clear picture or feeling of how this pendulum will help you?

If so, it’s probably a good choice for you!

In addition to choosing a pendulum that resonates with your energy, consider what type of crystal or stone would be more beneficial for what you plan on using your chakra pendulums for.

I always recommend getting at least two chakra pendants so that you may use them interchangeably depending on what kind of information or healing work needs to be done at any given moment.

What You Need To Know About A Scrying Pendulum

When using a pendulum, the main thing to keep in mind is that it will only answer yes or no questions unless you know how to ask an open-ended question.

The pendulum works as a conduit between your mind and the metaphysical world around you, so if you don’t ask the right questions — or any questions at all — your pendulum won’t be able to help guide you toward answers.

The first step is to acquaint yourself with your new chakra pendulum and get used to operating it.

To do this the first time, hold the string of the chain between your thumb and index finger so that there are about five inches between your finger and the weight at the end of the chain. Then ask, “What does a yes answer look like?”

Will your spirit guides help with pendulum dowsing?

The pendulum should swing back and forth in an arc or a circular motion in front of you for a yes response, but if not, try moving it slightly up or down until it responds correctly. This will be your “yes” response going forward.

Once you have that down, try asking other simple questions (such as “Is my name John?”) until this becomes second nature.

Practice makes perfect!

How do you use a Chakra Pendulum To Control Your Energy?

Controlling your own energy levels is also important so that you do not manipulate the pendulum’s movement or influence its response.

You should use a crystal pendulum with a stone that vibrates at the same energy level as your energy field.

Begin by clearing your energy. You can do this by envisioning your energy field coming out of you and down into the ground and imagining it being sent back up to you from the earth, cleansed and purified.

Next, ask each chakra point on its own if there are any imbalances present (starting at the root chakra).

Follow by asking about blockages or anything else that may need attention within that specific chakra area; watch and see how hard your pendulum swings before making final decisions.

There are many different tools and ways to use a chakra pendulum, but the best way to use this tool is to follow these guidelines.

There are different ways and different tools for different chakra-related questions, but the best way is how we’re going to show you today with our chakra pendulum.

Using a chakra pendulum is pretty straightforward: first, you need a whole room set up perfectly for the questions you want answered.

You can use crystals in the room or not; it’s up to you. The most important thing is that there is no noise in the room while asking the question and that there are no distractions.

Next, note all of your relationships with everything in this room and on this planet that has anything to do with what you’re asking about.

Prepare Your Space

You must be comfortable and relaxed for your divination session.

  • Find a space where you have enough room to move around freely.
  • Make sure the area is free from distractions and disruptions. If there are things in your environment that might distract or bother you during pendulum divination, remove them or get them out of your sight before using the pendulum. This may include pets, cell phones, TVs, etc.
  • If possible, use a table for pendulum divination; it will reduce arm strain.

Attune Your Pendulum

There are many different types of pendulums, and you will want to find what is best for you.

Foretelling the future with crystal pendulum

Crystal pendulums can be used to read the chakras and help balance your energy.

Different crystals will help align different chakras, so choose the crystal that resonates most with you. Check-in with your intuition when making this choice!

Once you have chosen your pendulum, it is important that it becomes attuned to your energy (this is also referred to as “blessing” or “cleansing”).

You can do this by charging the stone under the moonlight, exposing it to sunlight, or infusing it with incense smoke.

A more elaborate cleansing technique involves placing the crystal on a bed of sea salt overnight.

Clear Your Energy

  • Get clear on your intention.
  • Why are you doing this? Do you want to focus on a certain area of your life? Are you just looking for a general sense of peace and good energy? Knowing exactly what you hope to find will help the pendulum respond more accurately. Be sure to set aside any expectations or bias about what the results should be—try to approach it with an open mind.
  • Cleanse your space and stone. If possible, you’ll want a distraction-free, clutter-free home: think soft, calming music and no cell phones. Even if your space is not under optimal conditions (which is normal!), it’s important that you’ve set aside time specifically for this activity. Don’t do chakra cleansing while also cooking dinner, in other words! If it’s challenging to get organized and quiet, it might be worth setting up a small area in your home as a special place to use your chakra pendulum.
  • Take some time at the beginning of each session to cleanse yourself and the stone before starting—visualize negative energy being released from both the pendulum and yourself so that there is nothing in between either of you during this process but positivity.

Establish Pendulum Motion For Yes And No Questions

Once your pendulum is in motion, ask questions with yes and no answers to establish the movement pattern for a positive response and negative response. Clear your mind as you hold the pendulum up from your hand.

Ask a question, making sure to keep it simple and easily answerable with a yes or no.

Note the pendulum’s movement, whether it is swinging left to right or circling clockwise or counterclockwise.

Repeat this process with three more questions that have definite answers, such as “my name is [your name],” “I am hungry,” or “today is Monday.”

After asking each question and noting how the pendulum moves, repeat this process three times until you notice that the pendulum’s movement will become consistent each time you ask a specific question.

Once you get consistent results after three tries, you know that you have established a pattern for answering yes/no questions with your chakra pendulum.

Ask Questions

Once you have the pendulum in hand, you can ask as many questions as you want. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be specific with your questions, but don’t overwhelm the pendulum with too much information. For example, if you’re asking it to choose between two numbers, just say “one” or “two,” not “one-hundred-and-two.” If the pendulum doesn’t answer right away, try rephrasing the question; if it answers incorrectly after that, try using a different phrasing method (either yes/no or clockwise/counterclockwise).
  • Begin with general questions that don’t require much thought to find an answer. This will help you get used to how the pendulum works and can make for a good warm-up before more personal questions come along.
  • Do not be afraid of asking personal questions; this is supposed to be fun! However, it’s important to only ask them if you are comfortable receiving the answers. You should also know that some people believe they may alter one’s future by changing certain details of their lives based on advice from pendulums or other divination tools.

A stone pendulum is an amazing tool for chakra balancing.

Your chakra pendulum is a powerful tool that can help you clear energy blocks and promote spiritual healing and wellness. Using your pendulum can enhance your intuition, tap into your subconscious mind, and discover hidden truths.

Quartz Necklace Pendulum

The stones are not only beautiful to look at but also help you align yourself with Earth’s energy for deeper balance and connection.

Follow these steps to use a chakra pendulum:

  • Set Your Clear Intention
  • Ask Your Pendulum Yes or No Questions
  • Cleanse and Protect Yourself After Using the Pendulum

What Kind of Pendulum Should I Use?

You can find pendulums that are made from a specific crystal, like clear quartz or black tourmaline, or you can even use a wooden pendulum if you’re really attuned to the earth.

You will want to listen to your spirit guides when picking up this simple tool. Remember, this isn’t just some rock at the end of a string. This is a great tool for getting real-time answers.

Is a Chakra Pendulum Good To Use?

Bottom line, a Chakra Pendulum can provide you with information about your mind, body, and spirit.

If it feels right for you, it may be worth exploring, but don’t take that to mean it is all you need to help yourself when making choices or decisions in your life.

Pendulum Necklaces

Intuition will always be a large part of what makes us human, and the pendulum will only supplement that which you already know within yourself.