The Death Card in Tarot: Interpretations with the Major Arcana

The interpretation of the Death card in combination with each of the other Major Arcana cards in a Tarot reading can be as follows:

  • Death & The Fool: letting go of the past, embracing change and new beginnings.
  • Death & The Magician: using one’s abilities to bring about transformation and rebirth.
  • Death & The High Priestess: trusting in intuition and inner guidance to navigate changes.
  • Death & The Empress: creating new life through nurturing and care.
  • Death & The Emperor: using authority and structure to guide changes.
  • Death & The Hierophant: finding spiritual guidance in transitions and transformations.
  • Death & The Lovers: making choices that bring about personal growth and transformation.
  • Death & The Chariot: using determination and willpower to overcome obstacles and bring about change.
  • Death & Strength: finding inner courage and strength in the face of change and loss.
  • Death & The Hermit: seeking inner reflection and solitude during times of transformation.
  • Death & The Wheel of Fortune: recognizing that change is a natural part of life and embracing its cyclical nature.
  • Death & Justice: facing consequences and making amends in order to move forward in a positive way.
  • Death & The Hanged Man: being open to new perspectives and letting go of old ways of thinking during changes.
  • Death & Temperance: finding balance and moderation in the midst of change and transformation.
  • Death & The Devil: recognizing and overcoming negative patterns and behaviors during changes.
  • Death & The Tower: facing sudden and disruptive change and learning from it.
  • Death & The Star: finding hope and inspiration during difficult times of transformation.
  • Death & The Moon: facing fear and uncertainty during changes.
  • Death & The Sun: finding clarity and optimism in the midst of transformation.
  • Death & Judgement: evaluating one’s past actions and making necessary changes for personal growth.
  • Death & The World: embracing the completion of a cycle and looking towards new opportunities for growth and transformation.

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