The Judgement Card in Tarot: Interpretations with the Major Arcana

Here is a brief overview of the general interpretation of the “Judgment” card in combination with each of the other Major Arcana cards:

  • The Magician: using your skills to make a decision based on sound judgment.
  • The High Priestess: relying on intuition and inner guidance to make a fair judgment.
  • The Empress: a maternal, nurturing approach to making decisions with compassion and fairness.
  • The Emperor: a rational and authoritative approach to making decisions with a strong sense of justice.
  • The Hierophant: seeking guidance from a spiritual or religious perspective in making decisions.
  • The Lovers: considering the impact of your choices on those you love when making a decision.
  • The Chariot: balancing determination and control with fairness and impartiality when making a decision.
  • Strength: using courage and compassion to make decisions that align with your values.
  • The Hermit: making decisions based on inner wisdom and a deep understanding of the situation.
  • The Fool: being open-minded and spontaneous when making decisions, rather than relying on preconceived notions of right and wrong.
  • The Wheel of Fortune: recognizing that the outcome of your decision may be influenced by larger, uncontrollable forces.
  • Justice: making decisions based on a clear sense of right and wrong, with a focus on fairness and balance.
  • The Hanged Man: taking a unconventional approach to decision making, looking at the situation from a different perspective.
  • Death: accepting the consequences of your decisions and embracing change and transformation.
  • Temperance: finding balance and moderation in your decisions, avoiding extremes.
  • The Devil: being aware of negative influences and temptation when making decisions.
  • The Tower: being prepared for the consequences of your decisions, even if they are sudden and challenging.
  • The Star: having faith in the positive outcome of your decisions and finding hope and inspiration.
  • The Moon: being aware of unconscious fears and anxieties when making decisions.
  • The Sun: having confidence and positivity in your decisions, embracing joy and growth.

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