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23 Positive Affirmations for Confidence

23 Positive Affirmations for Confidence

Affirmations for confidence are key to growth.

Confidence comes from self-love, and that is all there is to it. 

And we live in a world determined to make us not only not love ourselves, but to hate ourselves. 

And man is it insidious, right? 

We get messaging from advertisers that tell us to “love the skin we’re in.” 

Or “just do it.” 

But the reality of what they’re saying is “love the skin you’re in with our products.” The hidden message is that if you don’t have our products you cannot possibly love the skin you’re in.

“Just do it with our products.” But if you don’t have our products you cannot possibly do anything. 

Those messages are not as hidden as we like to pretend they are, or imagine they are.

We absolutely pick up on those messages and we internalize them. 

And it begins from a very young age. 

Affirmations for Self Confidence

Self-Love Starts with Our Stories

Confidence begins with self-love, and self-love starts with our stories. 

Don Miguel Ruiz explains this concept well in his book The Voice of Knowledge

We are born perfect, pure, loving, and capable of anything. 

No limits. 

Then, from the youngest moments of perception, we internalize stories that are handed down to us. 

We hear “no,” “be a good girl,” “good girls behave in this way,” “bad boy,” “little boys don’t cry,” and on and on.

We hear about men and women, about children, about culture, about race, about politics, about religion, about the world. 

And those early stories teach us who we are. 

The voices of those most influential upon us teach us to internalize their voices, and soon we replace our loving, pure, open, excited inner voice with the voices of those “older and wiser.” 

How can we have affirmations for confidence when the older and the wiser teach us not to be confident? 

Two problems occur here: first, they are almost always not older and wiser. 


Those wise elders, far from what wise elders once were, have usually just become hardened by the world, fearful, bitter, and angry. 

And they pass that all down to us, so we become harder, more afraid, more bitter, and angrier at a younger age even than they did. 

And who can blame them? 

The world can be a crazy place. And they really do believe they have the best intentions. The world has shown them the worst of itself, and they have decided that the world is only that worst place. 

The world reveals itself as we perceive it over and over again. 

To understand how this phenomenon occurs, it is helpful to understand the law of attraction

The law of attraction, as outlined by Abraham Hicks, says that we attract what we are. 

The hardest part to grasp of this concept is that often we become what we are from a young age, through internalizing the stories and voices of others. 

“Well that’s not fair then!” You will scream. 

“It’s not my fault that I was raised to be afraid, angry, a victim, abused, harsh, bitter, lonely, hardened…” You say. You can insert any quality, skill, or talent here. 

No. It’s not your fault. 

But it is your responsibility to know better and do better. 

That’s another part of the law of attraction and the wondrous state of the Universe you must grasp. 

That before you were a human, before you came into this human experience, you were Source Energy.

Source Energy is the energy that imbues all of creation. 

All of it. From rocks to humans. 


From plants to animals. 

You were one with Source Energy, the ocean in a drop, before you came into this human experience, and when you prepared to become human, you set forth a set of intentions. 

You see, you had already experienced hundreds of lifetimes, had millions of experiences, and learned from and expanded with them all. 

Now, you prepared for your next life, with the express purpose of finding your way back to joy, our natural state, through a set of intentions. 

That set of intentions then determined your life’s circumstances. 

Think of it like a video game with different worlds, characters, and challenges each time you play. 

Your goal is to overcome all of those challenges and get back to joy. 

So you were born to these parents in this neighborhood with this color skin and this biological sex in this time period and and and and… 

The Universe is a vast and open space will infinite potential for expansion, and every single experience we have offers expansion to the Universe. 

You are the Universe having a human experience. 

So, now that you know that, it is your job to get on your path to undoing all of those stories you internalized since you were little. 

Affirmations for confidence help with that.

How to Unlearn Stories that No Longer Serve

To get to a place of self-love, deep self-love that allows you to love yourself the way the Universe loves you, you must strip away all of the stories that don’t serve you. 

Any story that tells you you can’t, that you aren’t, or that you won’t. 

Any story that has you doubting yourself, picking at yourself, criticizing yourself, or beating yourself up.

The Universe, God, Source Energy, call it what you will, is infinitely loving and all knowing, but neutral in that love. 

It will of course allow you to hate yourself, for there is a gift to be had and a lesson to be learned in that experience, which then offers expansion to the Universe. 

The Universe has no will of its own when it comes to the human experience. It merely meets our energy with its energy, offering more of what we ask for, more of what we are, more of what we focus on. 

The Universe

Because it does not see anything as good or bad, it simply responds. 

Because, when all is said and done and we leave this human experience, we return to Love. 

So, you can make your life the best or the worst possible, and you will still return to a loving Universe that welcomes you. 

You can make your life heaven or hell, and you will still return to the loving Universe, without shame, blame, or judgment. 

Once you accept that, you can begin to return to love now. 

You don’t have to wait until you die to go to heaven. You can create your own heaven right now. 

You can unlearn those stories in your head that make you not love yourself, that make your self esteem low, that bring negative thoughts, that make you question whether you are worthy of love, now. 

Do this by loving yourself every single time you are triggered to a negative emotion. 

Be gentle. Go lightly. Be soft. 

And then soften again. 

For that is what the Universe does for you. 

It remains soft for you. 

Now remain soft for yourself. 

Quotes about self confidence

Affirmations for Confidence

As you do the important work of self-love, you will build that strength that grows confidence, and you can implement practices and affirmations for confidence that support that work

Exercise daily to grow physically stronger. 

Eat well to treat your body like a temple. 

Get plenty of sleep at night to ensure your moods stabilize. Your mental health has a major impact on your confidence.

Meditate daily to meet the divine where it is, rather than closing yourself off from it. 

Control and manage your social media use and how much power you give to the voices outside of yourself.

And as you build these daily routines into your daily life, remind yourself of all the good things in your life, of the positive thoughts and positive changes coming into your reality. 

Make these daily affirmations and positive statements part of your inner voice: 

I am worthy of love

I am capable of anything I intend

I am strong, smart, and capable

My self esteem is high

Negative thoughts come and go, and I let them

I can stretch beyond my comfort zone

My hard work on myself is paying off

I have a positive mindset and a positive attitude

A bad moment does not have to become a bad day

I can make today a great day

A difficult time is an opportunity for growth and deeper self-love

Negative self-talk is learned behavior and I can unlearn it

Negative beliefs do not align with my spirit

I have a good life

I am my most positive self having a personal growth experience

I am surrounded by supportive people

It is my daily habit to love myself

I believe in myself

I am amazing

I amaze myself

I allow the Universe to surprise and delight me

The world is my oyster

I become stronger and braver every day

Allow this list of positive affirmations to wash over you every day, and come up with some of your own affirmations so you can personalize and internalize a new, loving voice that encourages you in all things. 

You deserve this. 

Happy manifesting!